Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pelosi Rejects Jordan and Banks Appointment to House Select Committee on Capitol Insurrection; McCarthy Retaliates By Withdrawing Remainder of GOP Appointees

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)
Earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would not appoint Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.  Jordan and Banks are two of the five GOP House members that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy proposed to be added to the committee.  

Speaker Pelosi was absolutely correct in rejecting the appointment of Jordan and Banks.   They both voted to not accept the Electoral College results despite no evidence that there was voter fraud or irregularities that affected the count.   Post January 6th, Jordan and Banks have both demonstrated they have no interest in finding out the truth as to what happened at the Capitol on that day.  Their only interest is in protecting former President Trump from what could well be an investigation that further damage his reputation.

Not surprisingly, Minority Leader McCarthy responded a couple hours by removing all five of his proposed appointments to the select committee.  McCarthy, like Jordan and Banks, has no interest in an actual investigation of the events surrounding January 6th.  As a Trump supplicant, McCarthy is not about to do anything that might anger Dear Leader.  Additionally, McCarthy would be a major witness in any January 6th investigation as he was in contact with President Trump while the attempted insurrection was taking place.

Where are the Republicans with integrity and courage?  

OOP's short takes:

  • My guess is Rep. Banks is angling to run for Governor in Indiana in 2024 and wants to solidify his Trump credentials in a likely GOP primary contest against Secretary of State Todd Rokita.  Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb sailed to re-election in 2020 because he avoided closely associating himself to Trump and Hoosier voters appreciated his independence.  Of course, having a very weak Democratic opponent didn't hurt either.
  • One of the things that gets overlooked is that Indiana has lost several points off its built-in Republican advantage during the Trump era.  While rural Indiana has become more Republican, that's been more than offset by the Indianapolis' suburbs becoming more Democratic.  If Trump's rural base doesn't show up in 2024, a Democrat could be elected Governor, assuming (a big assumption) the Hoosier Democrats can get their act together and nominate a strong, moderate candidate.  Indiana is traditionally less Republican during presidential election years.
  •  I actually have the most contempt for people like Banks, Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, as well Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance.  All are smart, well-educated and know what they're doing and saying in defense of Trumpian politics is wrong.  They all have made the informed choice to sell out their honor and integrity (not to mention the conservative movement) because they believe doing so will bring them political success.   I make a distinction between that group of sell-outs and True Believers like Representatives Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar, politicians whose stupidity can, somewhat, excuse their behavior.
  • I keep getting emailed stories about how Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) confronted Dr. Anthony Fauci at a hearing and Senator Paul got the better Dr. Fauci during their exchange.  But when I actually watch a clip of the confrontation, it is always the Dr. Fauci making Sen. Paul look bad.  Their most recent confrontation again holds true to form. Fauci showed up Paul so badly that the Senator is now asking that Dr. Fauci be criminally investigated.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Is there a bigger asshole in the U.S. Senate than Rand Paul?  Okay, possibly Ted Cruz, but I'm not so sure about that.


leon said... So, your girl Liz, will join the other hoppers lending the patina of bi partisan to the stupid people who continue to believe that Liz is some kind of Republican? Kangaroo Court anyone? Meanwhile, the cover up continues as the murderer of Ashili Babbitt goes scott free lest JUSTICE be served.

leon said... And, such will be pleasing to Paul, his running dogs, and any stray groundlings.

leon said...

So, you don't like the idea of Mr. Banks looking into the FBI's involvement in the events of January 6? Do you suspect that Mr. Jordan would not permit a whitewash? Worse, are you and your running dogs of the view that duh FBI was NOT INVOLVED? It is looking
like it will take a Republican investigation to spell out the further details....The Antifa/FBI Coalition
American Thinker, by John Dietrich Original Article
Posted by Magnante — 7/22/2021 3:32:33 AM Post Reply
Over two dozen people were killed during the Antifa and BLM protests in 2020. (snip) The New York Times has reported there have been twenty terrorist plots against the U.S. Three of those plots were real; the other 17 were created — and then stopped — by the FBI. (snip) The DC Metropolitan Police also had at least one undercover employee embedded within the pro-Trump crowd. This is not speculation. It is based on court records. It is preposterous to contend that the FBI did not have operatives in this disturbance

leon said...

For the few sentient beings who can read.....

leon said...

From Facebook...."Tom Huston
If it weren't for paid informants of the FBI, "rightwing extremist" groups in the aggregate couldn't fill three buses and a phone booth. The technique is familiar to all who recall the FBI infiltration of the Klan back in the '60s. The difference today is justification of the targeting, not the modes of operation. It is often easy to identify the FBI moles. They are the unindicted co-conspirators. Take as an example Stewart Rhodes, the ring leader of the Oath Keepers involved in the January 6 intrusion into the Capitol. He avoided indictment while all the people following his direction are on their way to the slammer. Duh?" The Duh is for Paul and the running dogs...multiple fools?

leon said...

leon said... Normally, folks with more than average intelligence would read this author on anything he cared to inform them of. I don't think the democrats wish this to be looked into. Some say this murderer is a black and that he is an active BLM sort of black. Democrats were all in for George Floyd, another fabrication of democrats, but they are all quiet about this murderer. Why is that? I suppose that the no comments portion of this post by Paul indicates that he wishes there were no comments.....and that his attempts to cover up....were not contested.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Wait, I thought "Antifa" was behind the insurrection on 1/6. You mean it was FBI agents?

That's funny, all those people charged with committing a crime on 1/6 say they were there at the behest of Donald Trump, not the FBI.

Ashli Babbit was "murdered" but what happened to George Floyd was perfectly okay? Babbitt was involved in a violent criminal act that endangered the lives of members of Congress. Floyd was not. Hmmm, why would you think it was okay for a police officer to murder George Floyd but not to shoot Babbitt?

Over 100 Capitol Police officers were injured on 1/6. So I guess you think that's okay? So much for "backing the blue." What a phony slogan. Trump supporters never backed the blue. They backed the orange.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Ashli Babbitt was involved in a violent criminal act when she was shot. Whether the officer was black or white or what his or her politics was doesn't matter. Babbitt's shooting was clearly justified. On the other hand, the killing of George Floyd wasn't even close to being justifiable. But, hey, Floyd was black, right? If Floyd was white I'm sure you'd be up in arms about the shooting.