Friday, December 11, 2020

Republican Officeholders Join Texas Attorney General Paxton's Assault on American Democracy, Conservative Values

Lower deficits, limited government, commitment to the Constitution, free trade, and support for human rights are conservative Republican principles that have been jettisoned during the Trump era.   I have never been surprised by Donald Trump's hostility to these positions.  Trump, a reality show star and lifelong liberal Democrat until he decided to play the role of a Republican in 2015, has never been a conservative.   What I am surprised about, however, are the elected officials who still claim to be conservatives, who have decided to go along with Paxton tossing aside the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Still, at least I am comforted by the fact we Republicans are still committed to federalism, democratic elections, and judicial restraint.

Oh, wait, no.  

On Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an original action with the United States Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the result of the popular vote in four states - Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia - because officials in those states violated their own constitutions and the United States Constitution in conducting their elections and counting their votes.

It should be noted that Paxton is a shady character.  Paxton is currently under state indictment for felony security fraud.  More recently, several members of Paxton's staff accused the Attorney General of corruption, bribery and abuse of office for investigating the enemies of campaign donor and Austin real estate investor Nate Paul.   The FBI reportedly has an open criminal investigation of Paxton and recently subpoenaed his office for records relating to the accusations. 

In short, Paxton definitely wants a pardon from Trump.  So what better way to curry favor from the President than file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court seeking to override the election results so Trump can have a second term?  Paxton's lawsuit has already earned him praise from Trump and a trip to the White House.  

Paxton's lawsuit is a request for judicial activism in the extreme.  He is asking that unelected federal judges disenfranchise millions of voters in the four states so that his preferred candidate can win.  It's an effort by one state to, through the use of federal power, tell four other states how to run their elections. 

One would think that Republican elected officials throughout the country would see Paxton's lawsuit for what it is - an assault on traditional conservative values by a man desperately seeking a pardon.  Nope.  Seventeen Republican state attorneys general have joined the Texas lawsuit.  Now, 106 Republican members of Congress have signed an amicus curiae ("friend of the court" brief to show support for Paxton's lawsuit.

For the record, those Republicans office holders include Hoosier elected officials outgoing Attorney General Curtis Hill, Attorney General-Elect Todd Rokita, and four U.S. House members, from Indiana, Jim Banks, Jim Baird, Trey Hollingsworth and Jackie Walorski.  Notably, Rep. Greg Pence, the Vice President's brother, has not signed the brief.

Make no mistake about it, these elected officials are not acting as "patriots" by seeking to undermine American democracy.  They are turning their backs on the very conservative values they pledged to support when they ran for office.   However, it may have been that they never believed in traditional conservative values in the first place and they were simply lying about their positions to get elected.  Legendary Republican ad-maker Stuart Stevens wrote a book about this titled "It Was All a Lie."   He may be right.


leon dixon said...

It is good to know that you are against lies. Are you still harboring Jay Satan?

Paul K. Ogden said...

You seriously believe what Flynn did was okay?

leon dixon said...

OF COURSE, and do you and Satan conspire to uphold the lying FBI and all of its crimes? Meanwhile, " While it has been some time since I was in Law School there is a maxim, Quod ones tangit ab
omnibus approbari which roughly translates "What touches all must be approved by all." My Latin is rusty but St. Thomas Aquinas noted that, "The directing of anything to the end concerns him to whom the end belongs". I hope this maxim finds the ears of a majority of the SC." Which is to say that the acts of a few states ought not bind those who did not cheat. I think omnes is better than the spell check "ones" above.

leon dixon said...
Notice, a link is provided in the article to the actual report, redacted as it is for some reason. Of course, many of your followers are unable or unwilling to read anything other than comic books and talking points memo.

Paul K. Ogden said...


There has been zero evidence introduced of cheating in those states that currently are under attack by the Trump campaign. Even Giuliani admitted to the Pennsylvania court that they were not claiming there was fraud. You're just repeating Trump talking points. If Donald Trump told you the grass was blue, you'd believe that too.

At some point, Trumpers need to accept the fact they have been in a cult for 4+ years Trump doesn't care about you or this country one bit. Never did. Trump sure doesn't care about conservative values. Last time I checked, we real conservative believe in democratic institutions and that elections, not unelected judges, decide who our elected representatives are. Real conservatives don't believe in autocratic rule, which Trump celebrates. Those Attorneys General and U.S. reps who signed on to that Texas brief were engaging in an act of sedition against this country.

And the attacks on the FBI...since when do we Republicans not support law enforcement? FYI, no one is more responsible for Trump's election in 2016 than then FBI Director James Comey. Trump would have lost the election in 2016, were it not for Comey making Hillary Clinton"s FBI investigation public while keeping Trump's investigation a secret. Oh, and the Trump investigation was very much justified. It is undisputed that the Trump campaign warmly accepted the help of America's chief enemy, Russia, to win the 2016 election. Last time I checked, real conservatives don't think it is okay for foreign powers, especially America's enemies, to interfere in American elections.

leon dixon said... Do take your ZERO EVIDENCE CLAIM AND SHOVE IT? Any examination of these machines will likely produce the same evidence which, of course, could be rebutted. One needs to have a forum into which evidence can be submitted and examined. As a "never Trumper" cultist can you with straight face, knowing all that you know about presidential elections, conjure up any scenario where Biden obtains more votes than Trump, legal votes? Maybe you can, but then we'd want to know what weed you had been smoking.