Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Trump Tells a Lie as People Die; State Polls; and Senate Enablers

Okay, I had to make the first part of that headline singular so it would rhyme.  After all, if something rhymes, then it has to be true. (Remember from the O.J. Simpson trial  "If it doesn't fit (the glove), you have to acquit.")  Of course, Trump has not told a solitary lie...he's lied more than 20,000 times since he's been President, and is now up to nearly 24 lies per day.

This lie involves the President retweeting a video in which "doctors" standing on the steps of the United States Supreme Court (not sure why they were there) saying masks were not needed because there already was a cure to Covid-19, hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug Trump had earlier touted as being effective against the virus.  So, according to the "doctors" there is a conspiracy to withhold the Covid-19 "cure" from Americans so more will die and sink the Trump presidency.  So much for Trump turning over that new leaf and approaching the pandemic like a responsible leader.

Today, Dr. Fauci, the apparent leader of the conspiracy, pushed back on the nonsense peddled by
Dr. Fauci
Trump:  “The overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in [treating the] coronavirus disease.”  

On a somewhat related note, remember how the New York Yankees invited Dr. Fauci to throw out the first pitch.  Dr. Fauci's tossing the first ball received a lot of attention and he even got a top-selling baseball card out of it.  A day or two after Fauci walked off the mound, Trump announced that he had accepted the Yankees' invitation to throw out the first ball at the August 15th game against its mega rival, the Boston Red Sox. 

I was actually surprised, not that Trump was invited (after all, it is a longstanding tradition for Presidents to toss out the first ball), but that Trump had accepted the invitation.  While it is an honor to throw out the first ball, it can also prove to be very embarrassing, a fact Dr. Fauci found out when his "pitch" dribbled wide left into a different zip code.  I could not imagine that Trump, who claims to have been the best baseball player in New York during his youth (at the same time Mickey Mantle was playing for the Yankees), would risk the derision that would come should he throw a Fauci-like pitch off a major league mound.   It was not more than a couple days later though that Trump announced he was too busy dealing with the pandemic to throw out the first pitch.

That excuse, which allowed him to back out, raises the question then as to why Trump accepted the Yankees invitation in the first place.  Well, turns out the Yankees did not invite Trump to throw out the first ball on August 15th.  It was all a lie.  Apparently Trump was so jealous of the attention Fauci was receiving for his first pitch, Trump made up his own invitation.  Trump has the temperament of a five year old.  My apologies to five year old children everywhere.

OOP's short takes:
  • Rich Lowry of the National Review has launched an attack on the anti-Trump Republicans running the Lincoln Project who have targeted for defeat not only President Trump, but also several GOP Senators.  Lowry says those Senators have done nothing wrong except have an "R" by their name.  Lowry, who after Trump's election, sold his conservative soul to go all in on Trumpism, ignores the fact those Republican Senators enabled Trump to undermine the Constitution, conservative values, and the the future of the GOP.  They did NOTHING as Russia placed bounties on the heads of American soldiers, and Trump used his position to engender the worst sort of corruption in government and invited foreign interference into our elections.  Those Republican Senators had the power to stand up for conservative and democratic values, as well as ethics and integrity, but they instead chose to bow down to Trump in an act of incomprehensible fealty.  I'm not saying those Republican Senators are as responsible for Trumpism as Trump.  I'm saying they are more responsible.   The "Republican" enablers in the U.S. Senate need to pay a price.  So too should Trump sycophants like Rich Lowry who sold out their conservative values to make money off Trumpism.  
  • Numerous state polls released today,   Let me address them separately by pollster below:
  • Morning Consult:  Biden +7 in Wisconsin; Biden +11 In Virginia; Biden +2 in Texas; Biden +8 in Pennsylvania; Trump +3 in Ohio; Biden and Trump even in North Carolina; Biden +3 in Minnesota; Biden +10 in Michigan; Biden +1 in Georgia; Biden +3 in Florida; Biden +13 in Colorado; Biden +7 in Arizona
  • Public Policy Polling:  Biden +3 in North Carolina; Trump +5 in North Carolina; Biden +11 in Maine; Trump +1 in Iowa; Biden +1 in Georgia; Biden #13 in Colorado; Trump +6 in Alaska
  • Good news for Trump in the above polls is that he may still have a shot in Minnesota, which would offset his losing a states he won in 2016, such as Michigan which increasingly seems out of reach.   Also, swing states such as Florida and North Carolina, must wins for the Trump camp, are well within reach. Finally, Trump remains competitive in the second tier swing states like Iowa, Texas, Ohio, and Georgia.  Of course, those are all states Trump won in 2016 and and he should not have to worry about in 2020.  So the fact they are close is not good news.
  • The Lincoln Project released an ad mocking the "Try Something New" program started by  Ivanka Trump as a solution for those out of work by her father's bungled handling of the pandemic.  It's pretty funny.  In the contest among Don, Jr. Eric and Ivanka for dumbest Trump kid, Ivanka is definitely in it to win it. 

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