Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Support for President Trump in Hoosier State Plummets

The Indianapolis Star reports:

President Donald Trump's approval rating is upside down in Indiana, according to a new poll.
Just 41 percent approve of the job Trump is doing as president, compared to 45 percent who disapprove, according to the results of the Old National Bank/Ball State University 2017 Hoosier Survey.
The negative approval rating suggests a significant decline in support for Trump since he won the home state of his vice president, Mike Pence, by a margin of 19 percentage points nearly a year ago.
“These survey results add to the evidence that the president’s approval has slipped a great deal since January,” said Chad Kinsella, a political science professor at the Bowen Center for Public Affairs, which conducts the annual survey.
Other recent polling by Morning Consult showed Trump's approval rating in Indiana fell from plus 22 percentage points in January to plus 5 in September. 
This poll follows a Morning Consult poll which shows Trump's net approval rating dropping from 22% to 5% from January to September.  This 17% drop nearly mirrors a 19% national drop in the same poll.

While Trump enjoys a steady, albeit unspectacular support of 77% of Hoosiers in the Ball State poll, the real fall off is with non-Republican voters.  As the Morning Consult poll shows, any support Trump had among Democrats during his election is long gone and independent voters have also turned sharply against him.

Trump supporters have long forgotten that Trump did not even win the popular vote, and barely eked out an Electoral College win, against the weakest candidate the Democratic Party has ever nominated.  Trump's 35% base only got him half way around the track.  It was the anti-Hillary Clinton voters who put him over the finish line.  Unless the Democrats are dumb enough to nominate Hillary again, any chance President Trump has of getting re-elected are slim and none.


Veterans for Peace Indianapolis said...

Or maybe those opposed to Bush-Obama wars? Of course, voters are like Charlie Brown and Lucy's football. Bush ran as a non interventionist, Obama as the peace candidate ...

Veterans for Peace Indianapolis said...

Hopefully because they are all peaceniks like me and realize he sold them a bill of non-interventionist goods.

True Republican said...

Trump’s approval rating may plummet even further

True Republican said...


Seriously we find your sucking up to Trump to be revolting. Now start tearing him up.

IR Staff