Friday, September 15, 2017

Trump's Approval Rises Only Slightly Despite Three Weeks of the Most Favorable Media Coverage of His Presidency

Today marks the middle of the month and the end of three weeks of the most positive media coverage of the Trump Presidency. It started with Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas shore on August 25th.  Trump received positive reviews for his administration's handling of the storm.  Then came Hurricane Irma and Trump's bipartisan legislative deals.  Again, more positive media coverage.

Although I didn't buy that Donald Trump had actually changed his persona from being a self-obsessed, intellectual lightweight who lacked even the most basic qualifications and temperament to be President of the United States, I thought a significant number of other people would have a change of heart and now judge Trump more favorably.  I was wrong.

Gallup's tracking poll had President Trump's approval rating at a dismal 35% on August 25th.  Today it is only 37%.  Real Clear Politics' average of the Trump polls show his favorability rating has only increased from 38.5% to 39.3% during the same period.

Trump's poll numbers appear to be baked in.  They rise only slightly when the news coverage is positive and do not decline significantly when Trump is getting hammered in the media.  People's minds seem to be made up about the President.

Yesterday though introduced a new dynamic.  Trump appears to be in the process of walking away from two of his major promises on immigration, DACA and the Wall.  Immigration is an issue that motivates Trumpers and one the President successfully used to distinguish himself from the other Republican presidential candidates.  Some Trump supporters, people like Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and Breitbart, are treating the Trump immigration retreat as a betrayal to the base.

My guess is that Trump's won't lose his core supporters despite his new-found moderate position on immigration or his willingness to cut legislative deals with "Chuck" and "Nancy."  Trumpers seem willing to sign on to the President's agenda, regardless of whether it is a conservative, liberal or moderate agenda.  They are behind the President, because, well, he is Donald Trump.  The Trump phenomenon is the closest to a cult of personality that I ever want to see this country come.


Guest said...

It is interesting to see the bias in the never Trumpers also.

True Republican said...

Please God can Trump and Pence go the Hell away already!

Anonymous said...

It would appear Mr. Trump has changed his MAGA motto to "Mexicans Always Get Amnesty".

It is a fact the world is now a far more dangerous place thanks to the Clinton, Bush, and Obama Presidencies. Psychotic North Korean despots in the early 1990s were ignored as real threats by Clinton, the card-carrying idiot George Bush's pathetic and his naive SOS Condi Rice must have thought sweet talk and yet more talks would lead to honest promises kept by N.K., and Obama too just simply refused to do much about N. Korea other than blather on about, well, who remembers? The World is paying the price for these three sad and shallow presidencies.

I believe I and many legal US citizens like me did not so much as vote for Donald J. Trump as we voted for America. The America based on The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution... something the Progressives under liberal Democrat President Woodrow Wilson began to dismantle circa 1913 and continue to do to this very day.

I am not at all thrilled about what DJT is doing and with whom he surrounds himself, but Good Lord, I am SO freaking thankful that ultimate lying treasonous Hillary Rodham Clinton is not POTUS. I do not at all like the persons with whom SHE surrounds herself, and if anyone has lied and lied and lied to the American people, or changed or flip-flopped on positions earlier stated, Hillary Rodham Clinton is just as guilty, if not far more so.

This country is in very serious trouble, the leftist Marxists are raging to widen the political toehold they've gained, and the extremist leftist out of touch Democrats are egging it all on for no other reason than to increase their personal political power.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 2:56:

Is Hillary Clinton a "liar?" Absolutely. That is EXACTLY why we Republicans should have nominated someone who is honest, someone with integrity. Instead we nominated a man who is probably the biggest liar who has ever run for office, someone who is also currently using his position to enrich himself at the expense of the American people. Donald Trump makes Hillary Clinton look like Mother Theresa by comparison. That's the problem.

I agree we need a President who stands up for the values and principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. President Obama certainly didn't always do that and I'm certain Hillary Clinton would not have either. But if that's your concern and it should be), the worst possible person to have as President is Donald Trump. Trump openly admires the power dictators have. He has praised the actions dictators have taken to put down freedom movements. He is the first President since John Adams who thinks Americans have too much freedom of speech. Trump doesn't seem to have any respect for our Constitution, though quite honestly I doubt that he even has a working knowledge of the document.

Anonymous said...

The Primaries are long over. Your candidate did not win. If memory serves me, you could not stand Ted Cruz, you could not stand Carly Fiorina, you could not stand Ben Carson... from what I can recall of your blog pronouncements during those times, there were not many GOP Primary candidates you could stand at all. Very informing.

And perhaps had the National GOP not had such an establishment Karl Rove-like empty-suited clown like nitwit Reince Priebus pulling the strings, the outcome might have been different. But we did not and here we are.

Trump could raise the dead and you would continue to hate him, to find fault with him. You never liked him and you are just damn mad he was elected. For all Trump's faults, he is light years better than having a super-corrupt, hateful, completely incompetent fool who has zero actual accomplishments in life and whose sole goal is the amassing of power, money, and adoration. Hillary Rodham Clinton makes Eva Peron look like Cinderella.

It is reassuring to know that you, sir, are a paragon of honesty, truth, and political intellect. At least that is how you tell it.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 9:07,

Actually there were several GOP presidential candidates I liked. Of the three you mentioned, Fiorina would have been my favorite. She wasn't perfect and neither was Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, but I would have enthusiastically backed either of them over Hillary Clinton. There was only one of the 17 GOP candidates who was completely unfit and lacked the temperament to serve as President and that person was Donald Trump.

I do note your calling Hillary Clinton "incompetent" and "super-corrupt." While I despise Hillary Clinton's policies, no one in their right mind could call her "incompetent" or "unqualified," especially when compared to Trump. As far as dishonesty goes, that's probably the last thing a Trump supporter should be raising. Trump is easily the most dishonest presidential candidate and President in my lifetime. His lying may well be pathological, it's so bad. I very much wanted a GOP candidate in 2016 who would challenge Hillary Clinton's dishonesty. But Donald Trump had absolutely no credibility when he was doing that. Trump supporters may be okay with hypocrisy, but I'm not.

Donald Trump's character flaws were well-documented. His history is checkered to say the least. The man repeatedly stiffed small businessmen and other contractors on his jobs. He shipped in foreign workers, and had his products made overseas, while touting the need to hire Americans and Buy American. Trump repeatedly publicly promised money to charities, and stiffed the charities virtually every time. He used the Trump Foundation on personal expenses for himself and to pay his legal fees. Trump tried to take an old woman's house away via eminent domain so he could have more parking for limos at one of his casino. He engages in childish taunts not fitting of 6 year old child, makes ridiculous campaign promises he has no intention of keeping and has no loyalty to the people who helped him get elected. (Sorry, but loyalty is important to me.) Yet, there were people out there, and apparently you're one of them, who have decided that Donald Trump should get a pass on EVERYTHING. Sorry, but I'm not in your cult. The Emperor I see has no clothes and it's not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans Always Get Amnesty? More like Millionaires Always Get Amnesty. Stopping illegal immigration is easy, just arrest the owner of the business hiring them. If no one is getting a job, no one is going to come. We don't need a wall, we just need to stop giving amnesty to the businesses that exploit the desperate. It's funny how the "tough on crime" conservatives always ignore the crimes of the wealthy. Hiring "illegals" is a crime, is it not?