Monday, March 21, 2016

Indiana Gets Its Wish for "Meaningful" GOP Presidential Primary

For years, politicos have complained that Indiana's primary is too late to be "meaningful."  Well, that is about to change.  We are just a couple weeks away from the Republican presidential candidates coming to Indiana for a fierce battle over Indiana's 57 delegates.

Donald Trump leads with approximately 678 delegates.  He needs 1237 for a first ballot victory.  Before Indiana's primaries there will be 369 delegates awarded in other state primaries and caucuses.  Even if Trump wins all of them,  which is highly unlikely, he still come to Indiana more than 200 delegates short.

The candidate who wins Indiana state-wide gets 30 delegates.  The candidate winning each congressional district gets 3 for each district win.  So a strong candidate could walk away with all or almost all of the Indiana delegates.

There has been no polling in Indiana.  But at first glance all three candidates, Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, would seem to have a chance to win delegates in the Hoosier state.

Here is another factor suggesting Indiana's GOP presidential primary will be a huge event.  The election falls on Tuesday, May 3rd, the only state holding a primary on that day.  There is no other contest for a week leading up to Indiana's contest and no contest until a week after.

Yep, we Hoosier Republicans are about to get a lot of attention. 


Abdul said...

Trump did lead in a poll done back in December.

Anonymous said...

If fascist, corporate-whore Republicans like Paul Ogden is against Trump, then I'm for him.

Anonymous said...

No polling has been done in Indiana that you are aware of. That would be a better statement.

Anonymous said... No doubt will be hugely consulted for any dirt possible on any of the candidates? Gawker, a media company, recently got a taste of Trump's idea of a more proper role for media. Hulk Hogan picked up 115 millions plus another $25 in punitive damages. Gawker, of course, is going to appeal the jury decision.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I do recall that poll...or at least the reporting on it. But the methodology must not have measured up because the RCP has not included it among the polls it includes in its listings. Or maybe RCP just missed it.