Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NBC Poll Shows Clinton Losing Badly to Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire

Iowa and New Hampshire are the first two states up in the presidential nomination sweepstakes. Conveniently they are also general election bellwether states.  NBC today released a poll showing
how Hillary Clinton, and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders match up against some Republican prospective nominees.

IOWA:  Republican Donald Trump is shown as beating Clinton by 7% in the Hawkeye State.  But Jeb Bush is ahead of Clinton by 10% and Carly Fiorina is ahead of the former Secretary of State by 14%.

Matched up against Sanders in Iowa, Trump loses by 5%.  Meanwhile Bush leads the Vermont Senator by 2% and Fiorina edges out Sanders by 3%.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Trump is losing to Clinton by 3% in the Granite State. But Bush is ahead of Clinton by 7% in the state and Fiorina ahead by 8%.

Against Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, Trump trails by 10%.  Fiorina loses to Sanders by 2% and Bush is even.

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