Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Support in Iowa Plummets While Carson Moves Up to Challenge Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders
In a Des Moines Register poll released this weekend, Hillary Clinton is shown with a narrow 37%-30% lead over Vermont Senator and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders.  More importantly than the closeness of the Iowa contest is the dramatic drop in Clinton's support in the state.  In late May, a Des Moines polls had Clinton with 57% support.  In that same poll, Sanders polled at 16%.  While Sanders claims that his supporters are not anti-Clinton, polling suggests otherwise.

On the Republican side, the Summer of Trump continues with the New York businessman scoring 23% in the Des Moines Register poll.  Soft-spoken physician, and favorite of many in the Tea Party, Ben Carson has moved up to challenge Trump at 18%.  All other candidates are in the single digits, including notably former Iowa leader Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (8%) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (6%).

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