Friday, October 11, 2013

Indianapolis Board of Public Works Refuses to Pay World Sports Park Contractor

An interesting development out of Wednesday's Board of Public Works meeting.  Department of Public Works chief engineer Andy Lutz presented a "change order" to the Renascent, Inc. $2.5 million contract to pay for an additional $91,523 in drainage and soil stabilization work done at the World Sports Park.  The seven member board only had five members present.  While there were enough people to conduct business, the ordinance governing the board requires four votes to approve measures. The vote failed 3-2.

Lutz and DPW Director Lori Miser appear befuddled by the development.

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Possibly contracts work differently in the public works arena, but I'm not sure why, when a company has a contract with the city to do certain work which turns out to be more involved than expected, it is the City's responsibility to cough up more money.  If the job turns out to be easier than expected is the City entitled to a refund?   I'm pretty sure the answer is "no."  Another question is why the company, if it thought it was due more money, went ahead and did the work in advance of the additional payment being approved?  Undoubtedly the answer is that Renascent believed the Board would simply rubberstamp whatever DPW wanted done.

The Board did approve a $32,227 change order for Renascent having to drill a deeper well as a result of excessive water usage of the park draining nearby wells.   That change order was approved 3-1.

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