Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Indianapolis City-County Building Security and Those Dangerous Fingernail Clippers

I went through security with a client at the Indianapolis City-County Building today.  She had fingernail clippers in her purse.  They told her that she couldn't bring the clippers into the building and if she didn't take them out to her car, they'd have to confiscate them and she wouldn't get them back.

Fingernail Clippers:  A Dangerous Weapon?
Fingernail clippers, seriously?  I was trying to picture a courtroom litigant charging a judge armed with fingernail clippers.  Is that really more of a threat than someone with a sharpened pencil?  I'd prefer getting attacked by fingernail clippers as opposed to getting stabbed with a very sharp pencil.

This is the list of items not allowed in the Indianapolis City-County building:

Personal Items
Aerosol Cans
Belt Buckles (large / studded belts / officer discretion)
Chains (medium / large – used to attach items to clothing)
Cigar Cutters
Combs (with a sharp point)
Cuticle Cutters
Eyeglass Repair Tools
Jewelry (only jewelry deemed dangerous or possible weapon – discretion of deputy)
Knitting & Crochet Needles
Knives (pocket or otherwise)
Nail Clippers with File
Nail Files
Neck chains (that can be used as a weapon – large, heavy links or sharp points)
Padlocks (any size)
Toy Weapons (if realistic replicas)
Walking Canes (will be inspected – if ok & it is a walking cane only, it will be allowed)

Medication & Special Needs Devices
Drugs (unless in prescription bottle / however daily doses of medication will be permitted)
Needles (allowed if used for insulin purposes – must be properly marked)

Sharp Objects
Any item with a knife blade
Box Cutters
Fishing Hooks


varangianguard said...

I had a keychain screwdriver tool that they flagged as contraband. I suppose we might be amazed at what certain persons might try to use to walk out of that building when they are brought over for court. Now, I don't even bother wearing a belt when I go down then. lol

Downtown Indy said...

Wouldn't want a prisoner using that little nail file to saw out the bars, would you? ;-)

Ellen said...

They also forbid tape measures.

Not sure what nefarious deeds one could accomplish with a tape measure.

Fred McCarthy said...

Some years ago I got third option to leave in car or lose. They broke off the little deal used to clean under the fingrnails!!

Annette said...

I am still angry! I went in to a hearing one evening and they took my tweezers. When I left, the tweezers were sitting there where they guard had left them. Do you think the @#$% would give it back to me? NO! I had to go out and buy a new one - they're not cheap, you know!!!!! Grrrrrr....

IndyDem said...

Crochet needles? Pens and pencils are more dangerous than a crochet needle.

Susan McKee said...

What's a crochet needle? I always use crochet hooks when crocheting.