Friday, May 10, 2013

Will the Need for More Comprehensive Approach to Unigov Reform Be Reason for Veto of SB 621?

As of this late date, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is still considering whether to sign or veto SB 621, the controversial measure that would substantially increase the power of the Mayor's Office, and reduce the power of the Indianapolis City-County Council.

Should Governor Pence veto the bill, I think the focus of the veto message will be that, while Unigov needs an overhaul after 43 years, that overhaul needs to be comprehensive, and not take the piecemeal approach of SB 621.  I believe Governor Pence would send the legislature back tot he drawing board, while also emphasizing that Democrats need to be brought in as equal partners in the comprehensive reform of Unigov and not shut out as they were with SB 621.

One can argue whether  SB 621 represents good policy. But I don't think there is any question that a veto would be good politics for the Governor.  On that subject, the Indianapolis Star's Matthew Tully pens an excellent column, making several additional points about why a veto would be helpful for Governor Pence's political career.

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