Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Press Release and Video: Rescue Rally 2011-2012

Move to ACT’s 2011-2012 Rescue Rally was a huge success for the animals and small, under-recognized animal rescues of central Indiana. Six all-volunteer organizations participated in the three month-long fun competition to see who could pull the most at-risk animals from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.

More than 250 at-risk animals were pulled from harm’s way and $8,000 of recognition awards were provided by private donors and corporate sponsors.

According to IACC, the live release rate for animals during the 2011-2012 Rescue Rally period was 60.1% compared to a 46.7% live release rate during the 2010-2011 time period.

The staff at IACC work under the constraints of an anemic budget, a consequence of other-priority budgeting.

Local rescue organizations, private donors, businesses and foundations are consistently stepping forward to help provide relief for the animals.

To view some of the many beautiful animals taken out of harm’s way during this year’s Rally, the organizations and sponsors who made this possible, take a moment to turn up the speaker volume and enjoy this special video [below].

How can YOU help expand this unique and successful life-saving effort AND stretch your donor dollar? Purchase a Rescue Rally T shirt • Make an online (or snail mail) donation to: • Move to ACT P.O. Box 68658 Indianapolis, IN 46268-0658 See "Upcoming Events" at bottom of newsletter.

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