Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Were Republican Slating Candidates Required to Sign Postdated, Notarized Withdrawal Forms?

I don't normally post unconfirmed rumors I receive, but this post is more a request for confirmation of the information I received.   After all, demands made upon candidates in conjunction with slating are difficult to confirm as the candidates don't want to speak out lest they jeopardize their candidacies.

I was told today by a very well placed source that candidates at the Marion County GOP organization were required to sign post-dated, notarized Primary Candidate Withdraw Forms (CAN-10) that would be filed should a non-slated candidate try to file in the primary to run against the slate.

Supposedly the Marion County GOP House delegation refused to sign the form.

Looking at the form, I believe a notary who falsified the date the candidate was appearing to sign the form would probably be in jeopardy of losing his or her notary license.

Anyone who has information on this practice can contact me at this email: