Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is Lugar Claiming A False Residence on His Federal and State Tax Forms?

Senator Richard Lugar
Senator Richard Lugar lives full-time in Virginia and has no Indiana residence. Yet he obtained Indiana license plates on his car by filling out documents for the the Bureau of Motor Vehicles saying he lives at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, a house he sold 35 years ago.  The BMV has tried to mail him correspondence at that address which is returned because, of course, Lugar doesn't actually live there.  Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright obtained all the information to confirm these facts.

So Lugar is willing to lie to the BMV saying he lives 3200 Highwoods Court residence. What other government agencies is he lying to?  How about the tax agencies?  Does Lugar pay Indiana income taxes?  If so, does he put down the 3200 Highwoods Court address?  Does he put down 3200 Highwoods Court on his Indiana tax form?  Does he put it on his federal tax form?  Does he not know those documents are signed under threat of perjury?

For the record, Virginia, where Lugar lives, has a top income tax rate of 5.75%.   Indiana has a flat income tax rate of 3.4%.  Not that that would be Lugar's motivation for reporting the 3200 Highwoods Court address on his tax returns.  That motivation appears to be nothing more than arrogance and a belief he is above the law everyone else has to follow.


TMLutas said...

In 1996, Sen. Lugar became one of the very few presidential candidates who did not release their tax forms. That doesn't prove anything but it does eliminate an easy way to find out the truth.

M Theory said...

So if Lugar lies about the little things, what else will he easily lie about?

That's the real problem for me.

This is a very big deal.

Nicolas Martin said...

It is interesting but not exciting. Even if Lugar abdicates the state will probably end up with two Big Government Republicans, reflecting the views of about 90 percent of GOP voters.

Marcella said...

If lugar is serious about serving his constituents, he should come clean about this. An accountant like bookkeeping Adelaide should come handy to keep all his responsibilities at the State court at bay.

Stew said...

I received an IRS letter labeled CP-11, but I did not know just what I was expected to use that and the reason why the Internal Revenue Service is allowed to generate adjustments to my income tax which would leave me with a back tax debt due. I imagined they were just hoping to get cash through me and would definitely head to courtroom regarding this just up until I observed the formula the IRS adjusted. Research your return repeatedly, and in some cases have a professional to look it over prior to deciding to try to dispute the IRS.

andieclark said...

This is just so unfair for those who are honest with their tax even with their loans. I even got loan modification lawyers so that I'll get what I deserve and that I pay the right amount of amortization. I hope this society could be a little more fair.