Monday, October 17, 2011

Council President Ryan Vaughn and Council Candidate Sally Spiers Appear on Civil Discourse Now

This past Saturday, we enjoyed having council candidates Council President Ryan Vaughn and Sally Spiers on Civil Discourse Now.   Vaughn is a Republican candidate for re-election in the 3rd District which runs from through the Broad Ripple area to the Marion-Hamilton County. line  Spiers is a Republican candidate in Council District 9, a district currently represented by Democratic candidate Jackie Nytes who is not running for re-election.  District 9 runs from southern Washington Township down to the Chatham Arch neighborhood downtown.

Because of the large number of candidates who had conflicts with last week's taping, we've decided to open it up to candidates for the next three Saturdays, October 22, 29 and Nov 5.  Council candidates please let me know if you're interested in appearing on the show and what dates you'd be available.  My email is  Phone number is 297-9720.  Again we tape (maybe not the right terminology given modern technology) on Saturdays at 1 pm at the Second Floor of Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple.

We're still making technical improvements; right now our focus is on eliminating the echo.  The good thing about the technology is we're not limited in terms of time. While our segments run no more than 15 minutes (so we can download free to YouTube), there is no limit on the number of segments.  On Saturday, we did two segments with Sally Spiers and three with Ryan Vaughn. See below.

Segment 1 (Sally Spiers, Council Candidate, District 9)

Segment 2 (Sally Spiers, Council Candidate, District 9)

Segment 3 (Councilor Ryan Vaughn, Council Candidate, District 3)

Segment 4 (Councilor Ryan Vaughn, Council Candidate, District 3)

Segment 5 (Councilor Ryan Vaughn, Council Candidate, District 3)


varangianguard said...

I think you've solved the echo situation. This webisode was just as good as it was the first time through.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I think it's better. I don't know if it solved. We hope to have our directional mikes in place next time. That should help too.