Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Mayoral Election is Indianapolis Star Columnist Matthew Tully Watching?

Indianapolis Star Columnist
Matthew Tully
This morning Indianapolis Star columnist Matthew Tully chides the two major campaigns for Mayor:
"It happens every election year around this time. Politicians running for office, and the people running and surrounding their campaigns, start to get a little extra tense.

As Election Day approaches, they begin to lose perspective. They start to overreact to everything the other campaign does. They look for petty ways to score points. They see conspiracies everywhere. Reporters, they insist, are too tough on their side while letting the other side get away with murder.

I sensed last week that the race for mayor could be heading that way, as the campaigns of Mayor Greg Ballard and Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy complained and shot off silly press statements instead of having serious debates about their various proposals. It's crunch time, and in politics that does not inspire good things."
Let's repeat what Tully said:  both campaigns "shot off silly press statements instead of having serious debates about their various proposals."

I'm not sure what campaign Tully is watching because I don't recall that from either of the campaigns.  Mayor Ballard issued a detailed plan about his education policy.  Kennedy criticized it because of the question of the legality of the tax credits and because it did not include anything about early childhood education.

I couldn't find any more press statements from the Ballard camp. But I found two from Melina Kennedy.  In one of those press statements, Kennedy talks about how Ballard has been raiding money from TIF districts to fund downtown projects and how that means less money for schools, libraries and the bus system.  Kennedy also pledged to push for a change in state law to prevent the Mayor from using this tactic to divert property tax revenue from the aforementioned services.

I can hardly think of a more important discussion for this community to have than the issue Kennedy raised in that press release.

In the other press release, Kennedy talks about how Indianapolis' unemployment rate has increased under Ballard's watch and offers a detailed plan of her own. 

Of the three examples I could find, where is the support for Tully's claim that the candidates "shot off press statements instead of having serious debates about various proposals?"

I don't know about Tully, but to me education, misuse of our property taxes, and jobs are far from silly matters in this mayoral election.


Blog Admin said...

Even the MCDP/INGOP and MCDP/INDEM ads, which typically sponsor the so-called "negative" ads so the candidate doesn't have to dirty their name, have been pretty tame.

I might disagree with a lot of the platforms of both the Dems and GOP in the race, but I think both are (mostly) running a clean campaign.

guy77money said...

Wait till the end of October to see if things stay clean.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Guy, I doubt it will make it to the end of October. I expect that within 2 weeks Treacy will start hammering Ballard.

Cato said...

A poor Colts season will likely harm Ballard.