Monday, August 29, 2011

Unorthodox Libertarian At-Large Council Candidate Airs TV Commercial

Vote For Bill Levin (HQ) from Englehart Group on Vimeo.

The campaign of Libertarian Bill Levin issued the below press release last week in conjunction with the premier of a very interesting TV commercial (see abov.)  Others bloggers beat me to the punch in publishing it, so I thought I would wait until this week to cover it.
Levin is unorthodox to say the least.  While I don't agree with him on many issues, I really like that he is not afraid to ask the tough questions which questions aren't being asked by current councilors.  I wish all of our elected representatives took that approach.

Here is the press release:
INDIANAPOLIS – In what may be the most off-the-wall political video ever created for a candidate in Indianapolis, community visionary Bill Levin promotes job creation, the need for fair wages, and using pizza box tops to promote his candidacy. Levin is a Libertarian candidate for an at-large position on the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council.
For the past three decades, Levin has been a “force of nature” in Indianapolis, having worked for, owned or managed recording labels, record chains, concert halls, recording studios, bands, magazines, party buses, TV shows, restaurants and night clubs. He is a registered executive cannabis lobbyist with ReLegalize Indiana PAC and was formerly on the board of directors for Indiana NORML. Now he is going into politics, as a small business owner who speaks out with common-sense approaches.
For example, in this video, he proposes one simple solution for low- and middle-income families to make their voices heard in the political process: “…go out and get a family pizza. Take that pizza – when you’re done with the box top – and write ‘Vote for Bill
Levin’ on the box top and put it in your window...’Cause the bottom line here is – politicians ask for money from their constituents so we can send them a sign. Keep your mney, make your own sign.”

Levin considers himself to be the “real voice for the people’ future,” with a true concern for his fellow Indianapolis citizens.

To see his new video, go to

To learn more about Bill Levin and his common-sense platform, visit


M Theory said...

I hope you will all come to a party I'm throwing for Bill on September 24th @ 6pm at my house on Central Avenue in MK neighborhood.

The party donation is $30 per person including dinner and beverages. Surplus donations will be used to help his campaign during the final month leading up to the election.

We will release info this week on how to get a ticket.

Party capacity will be 100 guests and I expect capacity crowd based on RSVP activity this far out.

You all are invited :)

Bill said...

I assume that the refreshments will be munchie food....

M Theory said...

We're grilling those famous bacon burgers from Kincaids Meat Market (Bill's request).

They are made of sirloin ground with applewood smoked bacon.

No one will have the munchies after those.

Nicolas Martin said...

That is a mighty thin "libertarian" issue set on his web site. He sort of, maybe, wants to "update" zoning, is against "corruption" and "developer welfare." He wants to decriminalize marijuana, but other drugs?