Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ACS 50 Year Parking Meter Contract Produces Jobs, er Job; Ballard Official Who Promoted ACS Contract on Behalf of City is Hired by ACS

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, reports on the Ballard administration official who landed a job with ACS:
I predicted when the Ballard administration awarded its one-sided parking meter privatization deal to ACS, a politically-connected company that is represented by Barnes & Thornburg, we could expect to see officials of the Ballard administration land jobs with the private contractor. Sure enough, a employee from the mayor's own office has taken a job with ACS. As reported by the Urban Times, Mayor Greg Ballard's neighborhood liaison for the Downtown Center East Region, Tonja Beeler, has taken a job with ACS. "Beeler is now working with ACS as an analyst in the ParkIndy program to upgrade the city's parking meter system," the Urban Times reported in the March edition. As Ballard's neighborhood liaison, Beeler fielded questions and promoted the parking meter deal to residents affected by the parking meter deal in the eastern downtown area while the administration was promoting the project last year. When I e-mailed Ballard's communications director Marc Lotter asking for confirmation of Beeler's new employment, he indicated he was forwarding my request to city legal because I was an attorney and he wasn't familiar with my publication. Nice. As if I don't know he and other members of his press staff read this blog regularly.
I wonder when the Indianapolis Star will finally catch on that we have a local revolving door that is just as bad as the one at the state level that they regularly editorialize against.  Anyone want to bet which city contractor Deputy Mayor Michael Huber lands with?

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