Saturday, February 12, 2011

Abdul Attempts to Spread Rumor on Job Creation Issue

Less than brilliant tweet from Abdul:

AttyAbdul: "I'm told by several Dems they don't think Melina Kennedy job argument will resonate well with voters because of national climate."

Abdul is fond of passing along pro-Ballard rumors that he claims, without support, originate from Democrats. Of course this rumor makes absolutely no sense. Ballard is pointing to "job commitments" in the middle of a very bad recession. Kennedy is responding that Indianapolis actually lost actual jobs during the recession, a fact which the Ballard people admit is true.

People's perception is that the economy is in the tank and unemployment is a problem. So how in the world does the "national [economic] climate" work against Melina Kennedy's argument? Of course it doesn't. The Ballard campaign people are idiots to run on job creation in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Apparently the idiots running the Ballard campaign have selected Abdul to be the campaign's spokesman.


Barnard said...

Right up Abdul's alley. It's obvious to me that Ballard's people are really worried about the job/employment issue. If they weren't they wouldn't have Abdul trying to beat it down so much.

I heard a good analogy about using job commitments as job creation success. It's like sitting down at the dinner table after a hard days work and comparing the IOUs we collected during the day. End result..... Still can't buy dinner.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Good point Barnard. It's almost laughable that they want to compare "job committments" instead actual jobs.

Another thing is that the Ballard administration had a chance to make job promises contractually enforceable but chose not to do so. With the ACS deal (200 promised jobs), they deliberately put it into a separate letter that they very well knew couldn't legally be enforced as a contract.

Gary R. Welsh said...

You assume this exchange actually happened, Paul. Abdul has a history of fabricating conversations simply to get attention. As I recall, he got in Monroe Gray's face at the CCC building one day and then tried to make a big deal out of racist comments he attributed to him. He went into a hornet's nest yesterday where he was not welcome with the intent of stirring up the drones. Why even acknowledge his attention-getting antics?

Unknown said...

The real significance of the job losses is not the shear number (which is significant at 35,000), but how it compares to our competitor cities. Indy is dead last- 50th out of the top 50 most populous cities in job losses. The national economy is rotten, but Ballard has been the worst mayor in the country at stemming the tide. Folks, if we don't make a change, this city's in trouble.