Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radio Host Abdul Peddles Intellectual Dishonesty, Continues Pandering to GOP Leadership

Over at Indiana Barrister, Abdul continues to show his lack of intellectual integrity in a post in which he says that Gary Welsh and I should have "stepped up" to run for Marion County Republican Chairman. He acknowledges that observers have pointed out the system is rigged, but instead of doing the intellectually honest thing of then addressing the issue, Abdul simply shrugs that off as an "excuse." You' will notice that Abdul never denies the system is rigged.

Let me first point out that I was ineligible to run for county chairman. You have to be a precinct committeeman to run for county chairman. I served as an appointed PC but was removed by Tom John before the last county convention, undoubtedly because he wanted to render me ineligible for that election and he knew I wasn't going to vote for him. But, hey, let's not let the facts get in the way of Abdul's pandering to the new GOP leadership.

It was estimated that last night 80% of the PCs at the convention were appointed, not elected. All of those appointed PCs were picked by outgoing Chairman Tom John. They can also be removed (like I was) by John if they don't agree to vote the right way.

Most of the appointed PCs are not PCs who actually work the precinct they are appointed to represent. They are appointed for the sole purpose of attending slatings, county conventions and vacancy elections and voting the way Tom John and leadership wants them to vote. That is exactly why John openly discouraged the election of PCs. John couldn't control elected PCs.

I ran into a prominent Republican yesterday morning. We talked about the convention. He said the biggest problem in the party is that the leadership is not getting a "buy in" from the grass roots workers who are doing the grunt work in the party.. Rather leadership uses a large pool of "mummy dummy" PCs (those appointed simply to vote "the right way") to control the process by outvoting the real party workers.

I'm glad Gary Conner ran, but of course he never had a chance. That had nothing to do with the merits of the two candidates. The system was completely greased for Kyle Walker to win. Of course, Abdul knows that but intellectual honesty has never been important to Abdul. Until the rules change, a reformer who pledges to restore the power of the party workers, thus decreasing the power of leadership, is never going to win.

Fortunately, I understand that state GOP leadership is examining the situation in Marion County and may make changes that will restore the power of the PC, taking away the power of the leadership to dictate slating and convention results by stacking the deck. It should be noted that Marion County is virtually the only place in the state (indeed in the country) that even employs slating. While in theory slating is good as elected neighborhood representatives of the party are picking candidates they want to endorse and work for at the primary, the reality is that party leaders have always tried to rig the results by appointing mummy dummy PCs to outvote party workers. With Tom John, the rigging was worse than ever.

Abdul's popularity as an Indianapolis radio host is at an all-time low because after the 2007 election he chose to pander to the Ballard administration and the Republicans in power, rather than do his job of presenting an honest, objective view of political events in the City. Abdul gets upset when others, such as Gary Welsh and myself, won't simply sell our political souls like he has done. The fact we continue to provide the unvarnished truth on our blogs I think speaks of our integrity, a concept that is foreign to Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.


Ben said...

One would think that it would be in the "arms dealers" best interest to have his best friend loose the election. Rushe's numbers always go up when a Democrat is in power.
It would give Abdul something real to talk about.

Paul, his numbers are about the same as they were this time last year. The highest listership is 1,300 persons 12+ at 6:45 AM. Which translates to about 450 folks in the 25-54 age group.He has a very loyal group of listeners, whech is desired my the marketing folks.

However, his cume is the worst in Indianapolis. The average time spent listening to him is 6.7 minuets.As opposed to Amos whos' average is 39 min.

Maybe it's people who are tired of listening about his wifes new shark bait toy or how great he looks in his Walmart suits that he has redone at Leons.

Either way, Abdul is entertaining at best.Most of Indianpolis, takes him for what he really is...the hired gun of a party that is about to get it's butt handed to them in November.

The show on Nov.4th 2011 will be interesting indeed. He wil probably blame you for the Mayor loosing .

If the Mayor was going to buy a "media voice" he shoud lhave bought a guy that has a station with some power...Oh wait he did buy a guy with that..Garrision?

Paul, last night was the biggest joke ever. I feel very bad for Gary, his political life is over in this county. Brooks will see to that and pull a McAtee on him and destroy his life.

Cato said...

Paul, don't answer Abdul. It's a trap. He wants you to run for something in the party so you can lose and be permanently discredited within your own party. He will then use your loss as a cudgel against you in any subsequent race you'll enter or in opposition to a position you might take contrary to the Republican establishment.

The propagandist's game plan says that he would call you a "person who is still bitter that he failed in his attempt to take control of the Marion County Republican Party." Followed up by "Move on, Mr. Ogden. Indianapolis and the Republican Party are moving forward. We hope you'll get with all of us in making Indy a better place, instead of attacking us out of bitterness."

Make no mistake: Abdul is under orders to attack you and Gary, and this tactic is basic propaganda.

Downtown Indy said...

The PC process is doubtlessly a main factor in the screwed-up nature of our local government.

The corrupt chair picks the corrupt PCs who decide which corrupt people shall be put up for election.

Dan said...

Slating in most other states is called endorsements, and the process is very similar to Marion County's slating. Some states, like New York, perform slating at statewide conventions for their statewide candidates. Now that didn't stop Carl Paladino from defeating the slated Rick Lazio in the primary, but I would agree most systems are set up to favor the endorsed candidate that said. In any case, Marion County's policies are fairly common around the Midwest and the country.

Paul K. Ogden said...

No, Dan, I totally disagree. Slating or "endorsements" before a primary is the exception not the rule. In most states, political parties do not get involved until after the primaries. Look at Indiana where the Republican Party is very strong in many, if not most counties,. I think only two counties, Marion and maybe Allen, do slating, i.e. endorsements before a priamry. Nowhere else does it happen.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Ben, Gary Conner's political career is hardly over. The clowns that dominate the party are going to get clobbered come 11/4/11. When that happens the party is going to be blown wide open.

The elitist politics of Tom John and David Brooks only work in an environment where the GOP dominates. The Republican Party here was heading toward being a much more populist party when fate interrupted in 2007 with a surprise victory...of course by a politician who ran as a populist. It was only through Ballard's selling out his 2007 supporters that the GOP elitists from the 80s and 90s were elevated back into power. Their days are numbered though.

The fact Conner stood up when few would is not lost on those. Whether it was right strategically given how the deck was stacked is open to debate. But it hardly ends his political fact it probably elevates it long term.

Good point about Rush's ratings being higher when the opposition is in power. I think that's always true.

Indy Student said...

I think slating is also done in Lake. Not 100% certain though.

One needs to look no further than the state Republican Party, who did not officially endorse a candidate during the GOP primary for Senate in 2010.

I think the state party might come down hard on the county party if they can't at lease retain either the Council or the Mayor's office.

Advance Indiana said...

I don't believe Gary intended to seek re-election to the Lawrence council. It really is a sad state of affairs. Virtually the only people who show up for at these caucuses are people feeding off the public trough. The PCs are so unrepresentative of rank-and-file Republicans. Walker has only agreed to serve if he is allowed to draw a big paycheck. Walker claimed in his speech last night the party welcomes all, but it is clear that is not the case. If you cannot be controlled by them, they don't want you around. You cannot build a successful Republican Party with that mindset. Intelligent, independent-thinking people want no part of an organization that functions that way.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Exactly, AI, we can't recruit people to do the hard work of the party if all we care about is government contracts and who is making money.

I can't begin to recall all the people I've encountered over the years who got active in the Mairon County GOP because of conservative philosophy and later left because the party simply didn't care about philosophy or their input.

Bill said...

Paul, with all due respect, I do see Brooks pulling a McAtee on Gary.Brooks cannot stand anyone that would ever question his authority.

When Brooks gets done with Gary, Gary will not be able to show his face anyplace. Brooks wil come at him with everything that he has.It will be nasty.History will epeat itself.

I am afraid that Gary is done in this party.Too bad, he is a good man.

Paul K. Ogden said...


You're assuming Brooks stays in power for perputity. That's highly unlikely. It's highly unlikely the power brokers today in the GOP will the power brokers tomorrow.

Imagine 11/5/2011 after we lose everything...and we will. Heads are going to roll and Brooks will be one of them. That's why I emphasize holding those clowns responsible for what they are doing to the party.

You also have to remember... Republicans are a minority party in the county. They will need a completely different approach to politics if the GOP will ascend again after 2011. The corrupt GOP leadership with their elitist appraoch to politics can't prevail long term. In a majority Republican county it would be a different story. This is not a Republican majority county.

There will be a day when the grass roots power of the party is restored (we were on our way when derailed by the Ballard win and his subsequent betrayal) and people like Gary Conner are praised for having the guts to do the right thing.

Personally I find myself very popular with rank and file Republicans. It's the corrupt GOP leadership that hates me. The corrupt leadership will eventually have to go...the GOP elitists haven't won an election since 1995.

Conner will be proved right. He will suffer some consequences...but they will only be short term.

Bill said...


I kind of agree.But Brooks wil be around as long as the MCRCC pays his Colombia Club bar tab.

However I fear that Brooks wil pull a McAtee on Gary at some point

Right Fighter said...

Paul: Where does Murray Clark fit in with the Marion County elitists? I've always thought he was fairly gutless, too.

Dan said...

Perhaps I should clarify that Endorsements are the norm in most Urban counties across the country. The fact that it only occurs in a few in Indiana is more of a testament that Indiana is Rural, not that Slating is a rare political practice around the country.