Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coldest December Ever Recorded in England

Reports out of England is that this December is shaping up to be the coldest December ever recorded. Temperatures have been recorded in England for about 100 years.

This follows on the heels of England's coldest winter in 31 years, i.e. the Winter of 2009-2010.

England apparently didn't get the global warming memo.


Maple Syrup Maven said...

Weather is not climate, Paul.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

It's good to know that apparently temperatures no longer matter to the global warming, woops, I mean "climate change" crowd.

Of course the climate has been changing for the entire 4.5 billion years of the planet.

You're right though ...they don't use "global warming" any more because some of the data wasn't supporting their claims. They use "climate change" because that way they can point to every thing that happens as supporting their thesis.

Global warming, now climate change, will turn out to be the biggest academic fraud ever. That's what happens when science, which I deeply respect, becomes politicized by people who are pushing an agenda.

Maple Syrup Maven said...

If you actually want to learn something, check out some of the research being done in countries on the forefront of science.

This page is just one example:

It's not that "temperatures no longer matter", Paul, it's that short term temperature measures(ie one month in Europe) aren't as important as long term trends in temperature. Records from land stations and ships indicate that the global mean surface temperature warmed by about 0.9°F since 1880.

Timothy Maguire said...

My question is: how can we speed up the warming process so we can have farms on Greenland like the Vikings use to have? Warmer temps = longer growing seasons = more food = cheaper prices = less people dying!

I'm surprised at how many Rep/Dems want people to have less food.

Paul K. Ogden said...

"It's not that "temperatures no longer matter", Paul, it's that short term temperature measures(ie one month in Europe) aren't as important as long term trends in temperature. Records from land stations and ships indicate that the global mean surface temperature warmed by about 0.9°F since 1880."

Absolutely. I couldn't agree more - you should not be looking at short term temperature measures. What you are missing though is that 130 years of temperature reaords IS a very, very short term temperature measure.

The climate history of this 4.5 billion year planet shows that short term zigs and zags of increased and lower temperatures often last thousands of years. Long term temperature changes last tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Sometimes millions. Yet you're trying to extrapolate long term temperature trends by plugging in 130 years of temeprature records and extrapolating out the data. That's horrible "science."

The alarmists only want to look at the era, approximately the last 130 years when temeprature records have been recorded. But there are other ways of measuring temperature by looking at climate records. The alarmists though refuse to consider these records because, quite frankly, they don't support their thesis. They are selective in which information they want to use because they have a political agenda.

The Earth has been warmer than today, including periods of time before man has walked the Earth. CO2 levels have also been higher than today. Man actually does better during warming's cooling periods that have coincided with declining populations and plagues.

The alarmists never make the case for the notion that today's tmperature is somehow the ideal and that any variation from it will be disasterous. They just assume today's temperature is the ideal.

We have far more to worry about from a ice age than a warming period. The alarmists can't point to one era in human history in which warming coincided with the fortunes of mankind declining.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I'm stunned that people actually think they can make long term temperature projections about our planet based on 130 years of records. That's like trying to determine how big a beach is by examining a grain of sand on that beach. 130 years is not even a tiny blip in the history of our planet.

Warming and cooling periods last hundreds of thousands of years, sometimes miillions. In the middle of those periods you have zig zag temperature shifts that last tens of thousands of years. Yet they want to look at 130 years of records, plug it into a computer and declare long-term calamity for the planet, calamity that can only be solved by spending trillions of dollars.

I'd take them much more seriously if they'd look at all temeprature records climatoligists have determined through study. But they won't do that. Again, it's all about having a political agenda and selectively considering information to fit that agenda.

Citizen Kane said...

Paul O,. You are exactly right. Furthermore, the arrogance of man to think that the climate can be fixed to some mythical ideal is ludicrous at best and downright dangerous and criminal at worst.

Climate models are just that - simplistic models of a complex system that can not be mathematically calibrated to reflect the reality of the earth's processes. This is the same kind of arrogance that leads Wall Street to hire "quants" to create models that create short-term theft and long-term devastation turning finance into nothing more than a game instead of it remaining the financial "service" it is supposed to me.

Unknown said...

The facts support Paul.

It is true that the Earth is warming; however, not due to human influence. It has steadily warmed since the last Ice Age.

Further, climate scientists have documented eons of warm temperatures (far hotter than today) and eons of low temperatures (in fact the entire Earth has been completely ice locked in the past).

My position is that we do NOT have sufficient data to be making the alarmist, Chicken Little disaster predictions that get media headlines and would ruin our economies.

Also, humans do NOT understand the fundamental factors that actually produce climate or change climate.

Finally, I think it is high of hubris for any scientist or group of scientists to claim that understand all the infinite variable factors or the complex interaction of those factors that drives this planet climate and weather. It is currently beyond our understanding at this time. Maybe we will someday, but not now.