Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ballard's Campaign Signs Paid For With Tax Dollars

Driving on Guion Road from 62nd Street to 38th Street on the City's northwest side, I spotted nine Ballard "Drive Safely" signs. Many times a large wooden frame has been erected in the road right-of-way to post a sign.

The irony is that one of the reasons that right of way signs are limited is for driver safety. With fewer signs, there is less chance for a driver to hit a sign when he or she runs off the road. The "Drive Safely" Ballard sign actually decreases motorist safety.

I warned months ago that Ballard was going to use the infrastructure improvements as an opportunity to, at taxpayer expense, post signs all over town bragging about the work that was being done under his administration. I didn't realize how right I would be. Just on that one stretch of Guion Road, there is a sign posted on average every 1/4 mile.

I think it is time media types start asking questions about these signs, including how many there are and how much they have cost the City's taxpayers.


Blog Admin said...

I was listening to Amos Brown's segment early in the month with several CCC Dems, and Amos says at least some of the Rebuild Indy construction is being funded by state and federal/stimulus dollars. If true, it's a bit misleading to only have Ballard's name on the sign.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Its the same thing that Daniels has done with the 'major moves' brand. Any and all money spent by INDOT is a 'major moves' project, even if the money didn't derive from the sale of the Indiana Toll Road.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I was downtown and saw a wreck had taken place right in front of one of those "Drive Safely" signs. I thought it made for a funny picture but they didn't turn out well enough to use.

Jon E. Easter said...

Some people rolled their eyes at me when I suggested this, but I drive past five of those signs every day to work with NO work being done near any of them.

The signs went up fast! One of them is in the middle of the median on 10th Street. Supporters of Andy Harris even tacked his campaign signs to it so they wouldn't blow away. To their credit, they pulled them down.