Saturday, October 23, 2010

Upcoming Indianapolis City-County Council Votes That Will End Republican Political Careers

The Mayor's people, who seem to be trying to profit as much as they can before this administration leaves office, are, by their actions, jeopardizing the political futures of Republican council members. This will be especially true when it comes to a couple votes coming this Fall.

Mayor Greg Ballard has given the Democrats limitless political fodder. Expect the themes against a second Ballard administration to be: 1) numerous tax and fee increases supported by the Mayor; 2) corporate welfare; 3) the Mayor's junkets; and 4) problems at IMPD. There is also an excellent chance at a "pay to play" scandal in the administration given that the people surrounding the Mayor seem to be doing a lot of things behind the Mayor's back

When the Democrats begin "defining" Mayor Ballard by these issues in 2010, the Republican political waters will be lowered. People turn out in the municipal election to vote for the Mayor. In particular, if Republicans don't like Mayor Ballard or are turned off because he doesn't seem to hold their conservative values, those voters may well not go to the polls. That alone could endanger Republicans in marginal races and also help knock off the at-large Republican candidates.

But the fate of Republican councilors' re-election bids do not end there. Imagine it is a year from now, what is going to be happening? Lots of direct mail. Challengers in certain targeted races against Republican incumbents are going to be sending out mail pointing out that, in the Fall of 2010, the incumbent Republican Councilor voted to give the Pacers $10 million of their tax dollars and also voted to sell off the City's parking meters for 50 years to a politically connected company. The public is extremely angry about both of those proposals. Reminded of both votes right before the 2011 election, the incumbent Republican will have no way of defending his or her vote to save the councilor's re-election. Any possible rationalization that can be offered is too long. Imagine a response piece, where the Councilor tried to explain the Pacers' vote? It wouldn't work. All the voters will hear is that the councilor voted to give $10 million dollars of their tax dollars to the billionaire Herb Simon, this during the worst recession since the Great Depression. There is no listening after that.

The Mayor's advisers will be twisting a lot of arms these next few weeks in an effort to get Republicans Councilors to vote for these unpopular proposals. If Republican councilors hope to get re-elected, they'll tell the Mayor "No."


Anonymous said...

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Published Thursday October 21st, 2010

Wilson46201 said...

Where are all the Indianapolis Tea Partiers on this issue or are they all off searching for President Obama's birth certificate like their masters at Fox and Koch want them to do?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Wilson, of course the Democrats have historically been some of the biggest supporters of Simon giveaways.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Paul - I think it is time to link tax-and-spend with Republicans. That's all its been since Ballard took office. Tax hikes, rate increases,tens of millions of dollars down the Pacers' rathole. And, as you so often point out, it is coupled with cuts to Parks budgets, IndyGo and the Library.

The rapid-fire proposals coming from this Administration this year - to sell off Indy assets for ten cents on the dollar, get into 30 loans to fund projects that will last 15 years at most, paying the Simons with property tax dollars - looks like they are checking all of the couch cushions for spare change before they are forced to move out.