Saturday, August 21, 2010

What City Asset Will Ballard Administration Sell Off Next?

After putting the City's water and sewer utilities and now parking meters/garages up for auction (actually auction implies there was bidding...ACS will get a no bid contract), what city asset is next? Here are some options: a) Monument Circle; b) Eagle Creek Park; and c) City-County Building.
Please vote for your favorite or suggest another alternative.


guy77money said...

I vote A! Why not a big neon advertisement (heck it could even be a blinking sign) on the Soldiers and Sailors monument!

Blog Admin said...

We could auciton off the naming rights to all three and not actually sell either of them!

The Mountain Dew City-County "Do the Dew" Building

The Fair Finance Park!

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Soldiers and Sailors Monument!

Marycatherine Barton said...

Just contemplating losing any of those city assets gave me a headache. As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote, the only thing that can save us Americans is that we get a government that will bring back the jobs and stop the wars.

blakebros said...

I say why not sell off some of the roads like Merdian Rd., Michigan Rd. and Georgetown to make ends meet. It saves us taxpayers money and helps keep the police officers who are incapable of staying sober on the streets.

Downtown Indy said...

Monument Circle is thankfully safe as it is state property.

But they might sell of Garfield Park to someone with lots of money, like what happened with the old monastery on Michigan Road.

Somebody with deep pockets could come in, clear it off, put up a 12 ft masonry wall all around and turn the place into their own little 100 acre paradise. Heck, its already got a nice big pool.

But maybe that's a bit too close to the common folk so it may not work out.

Cato said...

Ballard is the minor leagues. If Mitch gets a Republican House, the entire state goes up for sale.