Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arrogance...Thy Name is Eugene White

I have often said I wished radio host/blogger Abdul showed some independence from the current administration. (A public official recently told me Abdul resided in a part of the Mayor's anatomy which I am pretty sure would result in his voice being too muffled to do his radio show.) When Abdul does exercise independent thought, he can hit the ball out of the park. In that regard, witness his open letter to the ever arrogant Dr. Eugene White, Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools.

The recent issue dealt with by the IPS board is the budget. Dr. White does not feel obligated to report to school board members the details of IPS's half a billion dollar budget. Instead of the approximate 800 page budget, he has provided school board members a four page summary. Incredibly some school board members found that sufficient...and explicitly told Dr. White they didn't want to know the details on the budget. Dr. White has not made the detailed budget public.

During a recent IPS meeting, Dr. White complained bitterly that school board members had turned over public documents to Abdul and...gasp...Abdul made the public documents public. How outrageous! White thinks it is none of Abdul's or the public's business how much IPS employees, public employees, earn from our tax dollars.

Abdul mentions in his recent blog post that White often fails to remember that charter schools are public schools. Trust me, it is no lapse in memory. The Superintendent simply doesn't care if he misrepresents charter schools. Charter schools are attracting students because IPS is failing. Instead of improving IPS, Dr. White wants to eliminate the competition charter schools provide.

Has there ever been a more arrogant public official than Dr. Eugene White of IPS? I can't think of one.


M Theory said...

Our children are fed worse than prison food for the $15k per kid we're spending on them.

Also, Dr. White made it clear in a board meeting I attended earlier this year that he thinks it is just fine to use taxpayer dollars to pay for tables at expensive fundraisers and other such events. I believe it was specifically mentioned at one such event he spent $5,000 of the taxpayers' money to attend at his own VIP table.

I promise the food Dr. White eats is nothing like the substandard cheap food he feeds to our children.

Diana Vice said...

You should read through the unofficial board notes of Jim Mervilde. He detests charter schools because they take too many tax dollars away from MSDWT. He uses every opportunity via the board notes to propagandize to the school board members about the evils of charter schools. Thanks for this reminder that I had intended to blog about it. And btw, I think Mervilde and White are two peas out of a the same pod.

Nicolas Martin said...

Why don’t people run for school board who support transparency and educational freedom?

Diana Vice said...

Because they get blackmailed and harassed into resigning, Nicholas.