Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ogden on Politics Blog Given Last Rites, Has Been Resuscitated

My readers quickly noticed that my blog disappeared Friday afternoon. It's a long story but I had a secondary, newly created Google email account that for some reason began showing as the username (and primary email) when I signed onto my blog. I had opened the blog with my email which had always showed as my username and has always been what I used to log in, even when the listed username somehow switched.

I tried and tried to find a way to switch the listed username on my blog and get it listed as my primary email again, but that was not an option Blogger/Google (Google owns Blogger) was giving me. I researched the issue and saw where someone remarked that you simply delete the unwanted email account and that would take care of things. I didn't think that was a problem since I had set up the blog with the Comcast account. Wrong. When I deleted the unwanted Google email account it also deleted my blog ...without any warning.

I went through the steps of filing a report with Google (you can't call Google or Blogger on the phone) and, despite my doubt that it would work, it did. My blog has been restored. The unwanted Google email is still listed as my username when I sign in to my blog but it appears to make no difference in anything I do. Although it is annoying that Google/Blogger doesn't provide an easy way to fix things, it's not worth deleting my blog to get rid of it.

While research the lost blog, I found horror stories of a number of people who, unlike me, had done nothing and their blog had been unilaterally deleted by Google/Blogger, sometimes because they mysteriously were accused of "spam." It has made me realize that I need to find a way to back up the blog should it be wiped out again.

I may have to look at other hosting sites. I use Wordpress on my school board campaign website,, but frankly I don't find that much more user friendly than Blogger. Although Blogger and Wordpress are free, I'd be more than willing to pay for a better host for the blog. I'm welcome to any ideas.


Downtown Indy said...

"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

If you haven't used Wordpress since version 2.8 (it now at around 2.9.2) you haven't seen the vastly improved dashboard. It is very friendly now.

And there are Blogger to WP migration tools that work well.

Bob Cardwell said...

I missed you too. I thought some of the polly nazis got you.

Glad you are bad.

Bob Cardwell said...

And back!!!!

The Urbanophile said...

You can get an immediate backup of your blog by going to the blogger console, clicking the "Settings" tab, then going to the "Basic" link. There's an "Export Blog" option at the very top.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks, Urban and DI. I'll look it to it.

I would imagine though I have the updated Wordpress on the school board website since it was only put up a few months ago. I get pretty frustrated with it, but I do with Blogger too. It could be the incompetent user though.