Monday, April 5, 2010

New Bart McAtee for Sheriff Ads to Hit Air Waves


varangianguard said...

Better be thinking about what kind of deals he can get on sleeping bags, then.

And, nice little add-on about the court ordered releasing of prisoners. Hey, it's not my fault!

Unknown said...

Varangianguard what would you prefer him say? This county has had enough of Brizzi/Durham/Tom John and their questionable dealings that skirt the edge of legal boundaries. Sounds to me like he is saying he will abide by the law as its handed down to him. I wouldn't count that a negative. To me that's someone being honest about what he can and cant do in the role. Better than someone making a promise that they cant keep.

Maybe I'm being naive, but from what I can tell Mr. McAtee seems to be someone who you would want to represent our party. Anyone that could drive Tom John as nuts as the McAtee campaign appears to be doing is clearly someone that must have some sort of ethics that others in the party lack.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Actually I kind of agree with you. The trouble is we are locking up people we shouldn't be locking up which leaves the jail overcrowded.

For example, let's say you shoplift and are convicted. You are sentenced to time served plus a year probation. One of the probation conditions is that you can't serve alcohol. (I believe that's a violation of the law to impose that condition unrelated to the offense, but they do all the time.) A person drinks a beer and then has to do a drop. He's back in jail for a probation violation.

I've seen it happen all the time. Let's be reasonable who we incarcerate and then we'll have more room.

Marycatherine Barton said...

No country locks up as many people as does ours. It is the new slavery.

varangianguard said...


Candidate McAtee is being disengenuous (but then, how often aren't candidates at least a little that way?) in that he is making a promise that he obviously can't keep. In effect, "I'll jail 'em, but judges will bail 'em". That isn't proposing a solution, in my book it's pandering, and a waste of time and tax monies.

Perhaps candidate McAtee is the better candidate, but then again perhaps while his way may not be ToJo's way, yet it is no better - just different.

In my experience with Marion County, "some sort of ethics" doesn't guarantee any kind of "good sort of ethics". No matter what the elected office is. Cynical, but anyone would have a dificult time dissuading me.