Thursday, April 8, 2010

Former Mayor Goldsmith, Former Chief of Staff Okeson to Profit from City's Construction Efforts?

I don't normally post rumors but I saw these blurbs on the Indianapolis Times and since they fit what I've been hearing for awhile, I'll post them below:

  • Former Mayor Steve Goldsmith may be gone, but he hasn't been forgotten. Not only have we heard that Goldsmith made a nice profit ($600,000 is the rumored figure) off the city's recent sweetheart deal involving the old Bank One Service Center and an adjacent parking deck, but also that he stands to make some cash when the city awards a lucrative parking meter contract.
  • By the way, we also hear that former mayoral chief of staff Paul Okeson might be getting a piece of the Market Square redevelopment action.

The story is that former Mayor Goldsmith cut the deal on the old Bank One Service Center and he will profit handsomely when (if?) that deal goes through. I think I have heard the same thing on the parking meter contract.

As far as Paul Okeson, I have blasted the Star for being consumed with the General Assembly's ethical issues while ignoring the revolving door between the administration and Keystone Construction which company gave the Mayor a $25,000 political contribution last year. Chief of Staff Okeson went from the Ballard administration directly to working for Keystone which solicits (and receives) construction contracts from the city. The Star did not even offer faint criticism of the local revolving door which now allow Okeson to cash in on his service in the administration.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for noting how reluctant the Gannett Star is to even remark on unscrupulous behavior of government insiders, at great cost to the rest of us. Indianapolis's only daily newspaper is beyond disappointing.