Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mayor Ballard Spells Leader?

It's a very well made piece, but to be effective advertising should build on a pre-existing belief. Indianapolis Mayor Ballard has spent two years demonstrating beyond doubt that he is not a strong leader. No matter how much money Mayor Ballard pumps into advertising, that perception is not going to change. And when it comes to the Democrats' spots, they will tear him to shreds on the Mayor's numerous tax/fee increase proposals, the Mayor's overseas junkets and a string of broken campaign promises. The best thing Mayor Ballard can do for the Marion County GOP is to announce he won't run for another term.


Hoosier in the Heartland said...

You know Ballard's scheduled to go to India in April, right?

Paul K. Ogden said...

HITH, I heard that, though I don't know any details. Eye on Indianapolis reported about that.