Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mayor Ballard Refers to Gun Owners' Rights As "Distraction": Update: President Obama More Pro-Gun Rights Than Mayor Ballard

Last night at the Pike Township GOP Club meeting, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard referred to certain issues being "distractions" to his agenda.
Make no doubt about it, his comments were aimed directly at those of us who support gun rights, including the proposal by Libertarian Councilor Ed Coleman to allow people to carry guns into city parks, just like they are allowed to do in national and state parks.
Yep, the Mayor said your Second Amendment rights are a mere "distraction" to his agenda which, by the way, apparently consists of handing out corporate welfare, insider deals, tax/fee increases and jetting around the globe on taxpayer-funded junkets.
Will someone tell me what we Republicans won on November 6, 2007?
Update: Councilor Ed Coleman's bill was tabled tonight by a majority of Republicans, supposedly because the bill needed work. It is difficult to understand what possible amendments need to be made to such a simple concept that the city law on guns in parks should match what is done at the state and federal level.
A gun rights supporter today pointed out that President Barack Obama signed the guns in national park legislation. True it was attached to the credit card reform legislation, but President Obama could have insisted Congress split the bill up under threat of veto. Unlike Mayor Ballard though, President Obama didn't threaten a veto when faced with a gun rights measure. President Obama signed the bill into law. Why do we have a Republican Mayor who is more hostile to gun owners rights than President Obama?


Marycatherine Barton said...

I hope the Republicans give him primary challenges next year.

Roberta X said...

Even if they don't, I'm voting for Anyone But Ballard. If the Libbytarians don't have an entrant, I'll vote for the Democrat; at least they're up front about their contempt for gunnies like me.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And Otis MacDonald, 76, is suing the City of Chicago for its gun ban. So, the US Supreme Court may make landmark decision which will help us Indianapolis gun righters, as well.