Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Letter to Gun Show Attendees; Mayor Ballard Declares that Second Amendment is Irrelevant to City Gun Policies

I understand that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard will have a booth at the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show this weekend at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

I, like Ballard am a Republican. I am also an attorney and have represented gunowners against the City of Indianapolis.

I would strongly advise people to not fall for the appearance of support this Mayor shows for gun rights. They are empty words, not backed up by actions. I can tell you from my experiences in court, Mayor Ballard's administration strongly takes the position that the City of Indianapolis does not have to comply with the Second Amendment, that the Second Amendment is absolutely no bar to any policy or ordinance adopted by the City. This position is in direct conflict with our Attorney General Greg Zoeller who along with many other state Attorneys General have argued that the Second Amendment does apply to states and municipalities.

The Ballard administration also has fought to defend one of the strictest gun return policies of any city in the Midwest. If police officers wrongly come into your house and take your guns (for example, a search warrant has the wrong address on it), the policy of the City of Indianapolis is that those guns will not be returned unless the homeowner submits to fingerprinting and and the guns undergo ballistics testing.

I should add that Mayor Ballard has praised the New York City gun registration system and suggested that it might be good to consider that policy here.

Make no mistake about it. Mayor Ballard is no friend of gun owners. Don't be fooled by a booth at a gun and knife show and empty rhetoric by the Mayor contradicted by the actions of his administration.

Paul K. Ogden
Attorney at Law

Ogden on Politics: Mayor Ballard Contradicts Attorney General Zoeller on 2nd Amendment, Targets Legal Gunowners With City's Gun Return Policy


Blog Admin said...

Even without the 2nd amenment, Indiana's own constitution makes it very clear that gun ownership is a right, not a privilege.

Diana Vice said...

Thanks for putting the word out, Paul! It's amazing how many sheeple will buy into empty rhetoric without checking out the facts.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Yes, thanks for putting out this alert, Mr. Ogden. And, I share Diana's amazement, and agree with Indy Student's interpretation of our state constitution.

NotClauswitz said...

He's gonna have a booth at the show - what, is he selling his firearms? Maybe he'll be hawking those Russian nesting-dolls, or jerkey...