Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abdul Digs Up "Gossip" On Yours Truly

Just saw the twitter from Abdul of indicating that he's dug up "gossip" on Gary Welsh and me.
AttyAbdul: Got some more good gossip on bloggers Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden. My world just keeps getting more interesting.
about 11 hours ago from web
Wow, how low can this guy go?

Sorry, Abdul, but I don't care what "gossip" you've gotten on me or that you're willing to make up. (I've certainly seen evidence of creative writing on your blog.) It is not going to intimidate me into stopping my criticism of things that I see that are wrong or arguing for reform. The fact you are stooping to "gossip" (your term, not mine) demonstrates that you are out of ammunition when it comes to debating the real issues. You don't see me trying to dig up gossip on you to publish. I wasn't raised that way. But, hey, feel free to go there on me. Good luck.


Diana Vice said...

Does Abdul expect to be treated like a professional when he stoops to this level? He is what gives lawyers a bad reputation. Keep up the good work. You know you're over the right target when you're getting all the flak. I don't care if he reports that you fathered Rielle Hunter's baby, you still have my respect and admiration.

Diana Vice said...

I suspect that Abdul was sent out on a mission to dig up dirt on you and Gary, because he enjoys being the lap dog for the same political insiders you are exposing for corruption. It's almost painful to watch this type of political prostitution, because it makes me almost feel embarrassed for him.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Why am I not surprised?

M Theory said...

Abdul + Brizzi + Tom John = BFF's.

It does not require knowledge of higher math to understand the equation.

M Theory said...

Abdul emphatically told me once that Tom John is his BEST friend.

Look on the bright side. Abdul just admitted to being a gossip monger.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm interesting to hear about what in my private life is worth gossiping about.

This is pretty cool though - it's sort of like having a papparazzi (sp?) following you. Does this mean I'm famous if someone is really interested in gossiping about my private life? Maybe I'll be on TMZ next?

M Theory said...

You know Paul...I could put together a team to follow you 24/7 and post pictures all over the internet.

Maybe we'd catch you having a beer at the Distillery or riding your bike to work or writing a brief or teaching some college kids about politics.

Cato said...

You know Abdul was the eyes, ears and snoop for the Ballard campaign in 2007, right?

Face it: the Republicans are hard-Left Liberals who are interested in only two things: 1) big government and 2) being in control of it.

It's a slimy party.

Blog Admin said...

Abdul posted that CCC rep Angela Mansfield was "reportedly" banned from the Living Room due to her support of the smoking ban. His "source" (who apparently wasn't Mansfield or the Living Room's owner) goes on to say that the owner told the staff not to serve her if she ever came in.

Indy Democrat, in response to this, posted that he was boycotting the Living Room for being so petty.

Mansfield later contacted Indy Democrat saying the restaurant owner called her and said there was no truth to the rumor and would never act so petty.

I'm sure Abdul didn't make it up. But a good reporter would at least try to confirm a rumor if at all possible. He showed no signs of doing so. So I bet his rumors on you have about as much legs as it does with the Living Room fiasco.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Abdul, Abdul, what is wrong with you? Have you no sense of shame?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Abdul, Abdul, what is wrong with you? Have you no sense of shame?

Jon E. Easter said...

Indy Student-
I deserve a bit of a knuckle lashing for not confirming Abdul's rumor before I reported it. That's not what I learned in my journalism classes at IU. So, part of it was my fault. I'm glad Councillor Mansfield set the record straight.

Abdul's having fun most of the time. You know he likes to stir the pot.