Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wayne Township Trustee Continues to Waste Taxpayer Dollars, Proposes Putting Township Board Members on Retirement Plan

The political leadership in Wayne Township (Marion County) are at it again. At a recent Board meeting, Wayne Township Trustee David Baird proposed that the seven township board members, who meet for a few hours once a month, be covered by the township's Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF) benefit.

If you are a state employee, working part-time 25 hours a week, you can't join PERF, but if you are a Wayne Township board member attending a couple hour meeting once a month, you can enroll in the township's PERF benefit. Go figure.

Wayne Township continues to provide ammunition for those wanting to eliminate township government.

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Unigov said...

So many units of American government have devolved into essentially criminal cabals, that this is hardly surprising.