Sunday, August 2, 2009

Marion County Republican Liberty Caucus is Founded

Over at Advance Indiana, Gary Welsh has a nice piece on the founding of the Marion County chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus:
Nearly two dozen Republicans, including former Libertarians and Democrats and several GOP committeepersons, gathered today to officially charter the Republican Liberty Caucus of Marion County. The Republican Liberty Caucus was first established in 1991 to promote traditional Republican principles like individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise. The group will work to elect pro-liberty candidates within the Marion County Republican Party and to promote these ideals among party members.

In one of its first acts, the Liberty Caucus adopted a resolution urging Republican members of the Indianapolis City-County Council to reject any new tax increases to finance the Capital Improvement Board of Managers. There is a sense of frustration that Republicans elected during the tax revolution of 2007 to city/county offices have reneged on their campaign pledges to oppose new taxes.

Officers elected to lead the Marion County chapter include: Elizabeth Karlson, Chairman; Steve Smith, First Vice Chairman; Lisa Kelly, Second Vice Chairman; Glenn Hatmaker, Secretary; and Lisa Caulderon, Treasurer. The leadership team will lead the group through the 2012 election.
During the meeting, there was discussion of the organization's first resolution, one urging council members to reject any tax increase to bail out the Capital Improvement Board. Gary Welsh did a good job of explaining that the vote of the council is not just about the increase in the hotel tax (which will give us the highest hotel tax in the country) but it is also about obtaining a loan that will necessitate the Council adopting additional tax increases down the road.

What I found most significant is that not a single Republican at the meeting spoke in favor of the proposal pushed by Republican Mayor Ballard and Council Republican leadership o raise taxes to bail out the CIB. These are Republicans who are motivated to be part of the GOP because of the issues. Thus they are representative of the GOP primary voters who are also Republican because of the issues. Council Republicans who think their vote to raise taxes to bail out the CIB won't have any consequences are fooling themselves.

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M Theory said...

Thanks for the report, Paul. I love that resolution against tax increases. It's comforting to know that there are indeed Republicans who are not ethically challenged.