Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bob Grand & His Tall Tales: CIB President Suggests Lucas Oil Stadium May May Close if CIB is Not Bailed Out

The persona of Bob Grand is that everyone else in the room is stupid and they should simply believe him no matter what he says because, well, he's saying it. Today's Grand tale is the whopper he told to reporter Norman Cox of WRTV - namely that worst case scenario is that the Lucas Oil Stadium would have to be closed if the legislature does not bail out the CIB.

Of course that overlooks the fact that Lucas Oil Stadium is actually owned by the State Stadium Authority and not the CIB. Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana explains that CIB is actually only leasing the stadium and is not the owner.

I'm not big on self-selecting polls, like call-in or Internet polls. But one thing those polls do is hint at the intensity of public opinion on a subject. For those in the legislature and on the City-County council who think that the public support the bailout and there wouldn't be any consequences to the proposed tax increases in Senator Luke Kenley's plan, I would submit numbers from WRTV on-line poll. Those Indianapolis legislators who so willingly signed on to the Kenley might want to reconsider the political implications of raising taxes to bail out the CIB and giving billionaire owners of sports franchises more taxpayer money.

Here's the poll.

"What do you think is the most acceptable of the methods lawmakers are considering to deal with the Capital Improvement Board's $47 million operating deficit?

A: increase taxes on beer, wine and spirits 137 11%
B: increase the hotel/motel tax 32 3%
C: increase the food and beverage tax 12 1%
D: increase the ticket tax 124 10%
E: compel the Colts and Pacers to cover the shortfall 891 74%


Robert - NW Side said...

Who are the members of the CIB, and where do they live?
THAT is where we should be protesting

Downtown Indy said...

I ran across this 2002 article from the Star, a lengthy historical look at all the hub-bub around the new stadium:

Will the Colts stay in Indianapolis?

It does a nice job (through the multitude of other articles it links to) of identifying all the costs, uncertainties and Colts hype leading up to the new stadium deal.

M Theory said...

Someone should organize a protest outside of Barnes & Thornburg's offices downtown. I'm on break for six months right now or I would. I'll show up though!