Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thomas Cook Of Blue Indiana Continues to Spout Hypocrisy in Name of the Democratic Party

A rally is held at the Indiana Statehouse that features the following:
  • A speaker advocating more transparency and accountability in government.
  • A Lafayette-area housewife and new grandmother talking about exposing an illegal bidding scheme entered into by a government contractor that costs taxpayers million of dollars in overcharges
  • A speaker advocating lobbying and ethics reform
  • A speech against government raising taxes to give more money to billionaire sports owners
  • A speech against pay to play politics where the taxes of working men and women are used to give more money to big corporate interests who have made big donations to politicians
  • A speech where a Speedway resident talks about having their homes and business uprooted by corporate development funded by residents' tax dollars
  • A speech where an Evansville grandmother talks about the city raising taxes to build a new sports arena
  • A speech against corporate welfare
  • A speech which calls for a stronger Attorney General's Office to prosecute white collar crime and public corruption

You as a Democratic blogger:

a. Endorse the positions on these issues as they are "common men and women" type issues in keeping with Democratic philosophy.

b. You ridicule the citizens people involved in bringing these issues to their legislators.

If you are Thomas Cook of Blue Indiana and his sidekick Wilson46201, the answer is clearly "b."

I've broached this with Mr. Cook before and gotten no response. Let me address this again to him in this more public forum. Tell, me Thomas Cook, which of the above bullet points raised in speeches at the rally does the Democratic Party oppose? All I'm asking is that you address the issues rather than engage in personal ridicule of the hard working men and women who took time out of their busy schedule to go to the Statehouse.

I grew up in a household led by parents who were life-long Democrats. My father worked in a factory and my mother as a secretary. I can tell you that Mr. Cook's views, which supposedly represent the views of the Democratic party, are certainly not the views of my parents. That he would ridicule the speakers and, by his silence, take positions against the above-bullet point issues raised by speakers is remarkable and an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

Of course, Thomas Cook could take a position for working men and women, like good Democrats are supposed to do, and endorse wholeheartedly the issues addressed above. I'm betting though the hypocrisy continues.

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