Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secretary of State Todd Rokita's Chief of Staff Quits

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Secretary of State Todd Rokita's Chief of Staff Matt Tusing has quit and suggests that it was a result of an email exchange he had with Kip Tew, a senior advisor to Obama's Indiana campaign.

Reading the excerpts from the emails published by the Star, it seems doubtful they were the reason for Tusing's resignation. It seemed like a pretty mild exchange between the two.

As I've noted on these pages before, many of my conservative friends encouraged me to support Todd Rokita's opponent at the State Convention when he first ran for Secretary of State. Supposedly he was not right on some conservative issues, which the Secretary of State has nothing to do with.

At the Title Insurance Division, I had interaction with the section of the Secretary of State's Office that regulates mortgage brokers. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm they approached their jobs. My only negative about the experience was that I thought their efforts were hampered by a lack of experience and understanding of what goes on in a real estate transaction, a problem that is perhaps inevitable with low salaries and high turnover. Nonetheless they were very eager to learn and worked well with my title insurance regulatory staff in joint efforts undertaken by our the two offices.

Likewise, I have been very impressed by the job Rokita's election division has done. When the Attorney General did not investigate voter fraud registration in Lake County, although clearly permitted to do so by the Indiana Code, Rokita took on the task himself and issued an opinion. Rokita has a strong understanding of election law and is at the forefront of one of my favorite election reforms, voting centers.

If Greg Zoeller, the Attorney General-elect, wants someone to emulate in office, it should not be his boss Steve Carter, but Todd Rokita. I like elected officials who understand the powers of their office and do not hesitate to exercise their powers or to take a position. Todd Rokita has done exactly that.

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