Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium's Roof Closed?

It was a balmy 70 plus degree September day here in Indianapolis. We paid an extra $300 millionfor a retractable roof so we could have an open air football stadium on days like today. Yet today the Lucas Oil Stadium roof was closed.

What's the purpose of having a retractable roof if you're not going to open it on a day like today? If it's for strategic reasons, too bad. The Colts need to learn to play football in the open air. Since the VP of the Colts said they were "only a tenant," I assume the operator of the stadium is making the decision. Okay, I'm joking about that. I'm sure the Colts made the decsion.

I think there needs to be a policy that the default is going to be that the roof is open unless there is bad weather. If it's not going to be open on a day like today, I"m not sure when it's ever going to be open.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I was very upset to go to the game and the roof not be open. It was a perfect day for open air football. If it is for fear of weather, it should be open until bad weather sets in. A total shame and waste of my tax dollars!

Downtown Indy said...

I think the roof was only designed-in so that the NFL could get pretty pictures from a helicopter during nighttime games.