Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Dear Mother

Talked to her tonight. She is the classic conservative, southern Indiana Democrat. A few years ago, she and my stepfather became full-time Floridians.

She informed me she plans to vote for Obama. I asked her why. Although she has long expressed unhappiness with the Iraq war, tonight she talked of her concern about the state of the economy. She says she wants change and to her Obama represents change. She is also concerned about McCain's age, which is an interesting comment since McCain is younger than she is.

Although she votes Democrat for most state and local offices, she couldn't remember the last Democrat she voted for for President. I speculated it was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

In previous elections, Republican Presidential candidates would almost always get her vote by showing the conservative flag and pointing out how liberal the Democrat is. This well-honed Republican strategy is not working with her this time, even though Obama is one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate.

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Jim said...

Mom and apple pie votes for Obama, and why is that?

1. Iraq costs 50-60 times more than his budget director Mitch Daniels projected. The central bank dished out cheap money to fund the war, causing a financial meltdown.
2. 2001 GDP grew at 4+%, '01 to '08 2.5%
3. Nation Debt '01 $5.7 tril,$9.2 tril now.
4. Clinton: 1.76 million new jobs per year, Bush (you don't want to know!)
5. Poverty is UP, consumer debt is UP, Median household income is DOWN, Health insurance premiums DOUBLED, college tuition WAY UP, trade deficits SOARED, the dollar is DOWN, our international reputation is DOWN.

If sloganeering can work for Peterson, it can work for Obama.