Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mar-A-Lago Searched by FBI in Probe Aimed at Former President Trump's Mishandling of Classified Documents

I recall well the chants.  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!   Lock her up!"  The chants took place at Donald Trump rallies and were aimed at former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  Hillary's offense was using a private computer server that may well have handled classified documents.  

The allegations were not spurious.  Hillary Clinton had indeed acted recklessly and in a manner that could have exposed America's secrets to hacking by our enemies.  Then Donald Trump became President and his handling and mishandling of classified information made Hillary Clinton's offenses look like jaywalking.  Trump directly passed along classified information to his dictator pals.  He and his family regularly communicated using cell phones and outside email accounts that were not secure.  When Trump left the White House, he took with him scores of government documents, many of which were apparently classified.

So what did Trump world do in response?  They yawned.  They didn't care.  If Trump did what Hillary Clinton did times 100, well that's perfectly okay because it was Donald Trump.  The Trump crowd has a superpower and that is that they are unfazed by hypocrisy.  It does not register with them.

Now Republicans in Congress are expressing outrage over the FBI raid.  That outrage is not based on what happened, but who was the target of the search.  If the FBI would have raided Hillary Clinton's house over her possession of classified information, that would have been justified because, well, it's Hillary Clinton.

Those Republicans in Congress should instead be focused on the upcoming mid-term elections.  What was once an inevitable red tidal wave is now starting to look like a trickling brook.  Republicans are acting stupid and the voters are starting to notice.  The GOP slogan shouldn't be "Stop the Steal."  It should be "Stop the Stupidity."

OOP's short takes:

  • Prediction:  Republicans are going to lose control of the Senate thanks to Trump's weak hand-picked Senate candidates.  Trump backed candidates are also going to lose key governorships races in places such as Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  • Prediction:  Trump announces his bid for re-election in September or early October.  Trump will intend to use his running for office as a bulwark against criminal prosecution (I would also point out that agreeing to not run for office is often a bargaining chip in negotiations with criminal prosecutors).  I still think it's 50-50 that Trump will make it to the Iowa caucuses in January 2024.  However, Trump will keep his candidacy alive for as long as possible to provide protection from criminal prosecution and to continue fleecing his supporters.  Yes, that will hurt the Republicans chances of winning the White House but I'll let readers in on a secret about Donald Trump.  He doesn't care about the Republican Party or doing what is best for the country.  Never did.  Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump and no one else.

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