Friday, September 11, 2020

Trump TV Viewing Habits; Blame Lindsey; Trump August Fundraising; New Scapegoat RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel?

Only Ogden on Politics short takes today:

TRUMPS TV VIEWING HABITS:  At a press conference yesterday, President Trump discussed the "shows" he likes to watch.  Trump said he watches Liz McDonald and Lou Dobbs of Fox Business, Fox and Friends, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson (I think his show is called "White Power Hour"), and Laura Ingraham, all of whom are on Fox News.  That is eight hours of mind-numbing, substance-free pro-Trump propaganda.  In Trump's defense, it's impossible to watch that lineup on a regular basis and not end up dumber as a result.

LINDSEY GRAHAM IS TO BLAME:  I can't help but get a chuckle over Trumpers like Tucker Carlson making South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham the scapegoat for encouraging Trump to speak to Bob Woodward for his recently released book, Rage.  Hmm, though shouldn't we concerned that we have a President who is so clueless that he proceeded to talk on the record to a reporter 19 times, saying things that completely contradicted his public position on an assortment of issues, including a pandemic that' has killed nearly 200,000 Americans?

TRUMP AUGUST FUNDRAISING:  Trump/RNC's fundraising number for August is finally out.  The duo raised $210 million, quite an impressive sum, except for the fact that Biden/DNC raised $365 million during the same period.  As noted previously, the problem with the Trump campaign is on the spending side. Reckless spending has depleted Trump/RNC funds.  As a result, the Trump campaign has had to stop advertising in key states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, and severely cut the number of Trump ads run in other states, such as Arizona and Wisconsin.  

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

SCAPEGOAT RNC CHAIR RONNA McDANIEL?:   With Trump running out of money and lagging in the polls, and as it is increasingly looking like the GOP will lose control of the Senate, expect a new scapegoat to emerge:  Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel.  She may believe her effusive praise and devotion to Trump will save her from being blamed for the growing GOP debacle, but McDaniel would be wrong. To Trump, loyalty is a one-way street.  It does not help too that Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel is the niece of Trump's chief only GOP critic in Congress, Utah Senator Mitt Romney.  And it won't be just MAGA world turning on McDaniel.  Traditional, establishment Republicans who want a Trump-free future for the GOP, will also turn on McDaniel. 

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