Thursday, April 4, 2019

Indianapolis Tea Party Presents "Alternative Facts" in Attacking Mueller Investigation

Yesterday my email landed in my inbox announcing Monday meeting of the local northside Tea Party.  As a leadoff to the reminder about the meeting and information about the guest speaker, the email red meat to the tea party members.  Reading the red meat reminds me of the "alternative facts" explanation President Trump adviser Kelly Ann Conway used when explaining why people should ignore actual facts in favor of her spin.

The email contains some doozies::
"The recently concluded Special Counsel “investigation” unfairly targeted President Trump"
Although this is an opinion, rather than an "alternative fact," it's ridiculous on its face.    Numerous members of Trump's campaign were in communication with Russian officials and then lied about it.  This included a meeting in Trump Tower attended by the President's son, son-in-law and campaign manager, a meeting held for the express purpose of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton from Russian officials.  The fact is virtually every Republican in Congress supported the opening of the investigation and the appointment of the special counsel. The investigation was not only to look into the nature of the Trump campaign contacts with the Russians, more importantly it was about Russian interference in the 2016 election. So the Tea Party does not think that Russian interference in our elections should not have been investigated? 
but who was propagandistically “charged" with "collusion: for which he could only be exonerated- due to the fact that collusion is not a crime. 
Not sure what this line means.  I certainly agree the media from the beginning to the conclusion mischaracterized the issue as "collusion." Collusion is not a crime. But Mueller's charge was never to investigate collusion.  It was to investigate Russian interference in our election as well as whether the Trump campaign criminally conspired with the Russians in that effort  Mueller found, at least according to Attorney General Bob Barr's spin of the report, that the answer to that conspiracy question is "no."  Contrary to media reports, Mueller never cleared Trump of "collusion."  And how could it have?  The Trump Tower meeting was indisputably an attempt by Trump campaign officials to collude with the Russians in the obtaining of dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign.  But did it rise to the level of criminal conspiracy?  Mueller, according to Barr, said "no."
"As a victim of prosecutorial misconduct, how does the President’s righteous defense from investigatory fraud; somehow make him “guilty" of “obstruction?”  
I certainly don't accept the assumption that President Trump was a victim of "prosecutorial misconduct" or that there was "investigatory fraud" going on.  The evidence clearly says otherwise.  But assuming Trump was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, a mighty big assumption, does that mean he gets a ticket to obstruct justice all he wants?  Obviously he does not. 
Documents reveal that early on, Special Counselor Mueller knew the DNC / Clinton / Fusion GPS funded “dossier” was a work of fiction; used to illegally obtain FISA warrants for the illegal surveillance of Trump & other 2016 Presidential candidates…  
It was a conservative leaning publication which initially funded the dossier, a fact the author omits.  But the huge fabrication in the sentence is that the dossier was a "work of fiction."   Many of the facts outlined in the dossier have been proven to be correct.  Other facts remain unverified and a few, very few, have been proven to be false  None of this should be a surprise as the dossier was a compilation of raw investigatory information.  It was never meant to be a finished product in which all facts were verified.  That the dossier is a complete work of "fiction" is a lie Trumpers have been spinning from Day 1.  It is simply not true.

Oh, and that the dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants is a complete misrepresentation.  The dossier was only one of several pieces of evidence used to obtain the warrants.  And the warrants issued were perfectly legal, contrary to Trump spin.
"Considering the manufactured “Steele Dossier” is tantamount to planted evidence, counterfeited to defraud a federal court (FISC); doesn't the Special Counsel’s suppression of that & other facts require a proper investigation- into criminal misconduct?"
As noted, the Steele Dossier certainly was not "manufactured" or "counterfeited."  The fact that the dossier was funded by a political campaign was in fact made known to the federal judges considering the FISA warrant.  But even if the sourcing wasn't announced, there is no evidence - zero - that the funding of the dossier was "suppressed" from consideration by the judge considering the warrant.  Not even sure how that "suppression" would have happened.  So do Trumpers think the federal judge asked for the source of the dossier and the FBI simply lied?  Again, no evidence of that.

The sad thing is if it President Obama or Hillary Clinton were the one who were having multiple contacts with a hostile foreign power leading up to an election, and had acted the same way Trump and his allies did to try to derail the investigation into those activities, Tea Party members would be in the streets in every major city protesting.  Unfortunately, they have chosen blind worship of President Trump over sticking by their principles and any semblance of intellectual integrity.

I guess I should not be surprised.  The Tea Party's No. 1 guiding principle used to be fiscal responsibility.  I really respected them for that.  But now Tea Party members have completely abandoned that principle to enthusiastically support a President who is running record deficits, during an economic expansion no less.

Below is the video of Democratic Representative Adam Schiff's eloquent speech in response to Republicans who tried to get him to resign as chair of the House Intelligence Committee.  I defy Trumpers to find one single thing he said that is inaccurate.   Schiff is is not "okay" what Trump's campaign did, regardless of whether criminality was involved.  Anyone, including members of the Tea Party, who thinks what Schiff condemns in his speech is actually acceptable conduct should never call themselves "patriots" because they are anything but.


True Republican said...

Trump will say the Mueller report is having a tax audit so that it cannot be released.

Bradley said...

Very well stated, Paul. The amount of hypocrisy spouted by the Trump supporters is disgusting. I predicted before the election that if he was not elected, he would only strike a bad wound to the Republican Party; but, if he was elected, he would destroy the Republican Party in four years. It might not happen in four years, but it is happening.

And I agree with you about Obama and Clinton--if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton appeared to be profiting off of being in the White House and actively had been actively working with Russians--Russians!--to win an election against Donald Trump or even a normal Republican, the Tea Party and rest of the Republicans would've had either of them impeached, convicted, imprisoned, and executed by now.

Paul K. Ogden said...

"I predicted before the election that if he was not elected, he would only strike a bad wound to the Republican Party; but, if he was elected, he would destroy the Republican Party in four years. It might not happen in four years, but it is happening."

Agreed. I knew Trump's nomination was a setback for the conservative movement and the GOP, but I knew, long term, his election would be the worst possible outcome for both. And it's turning out to be true. The conservative principles I have fought for all my life are now attached to a highly unpopular, flawed human being who is not qualified and doesn't have the temperament to be President. Worse yet, he is re-defining conservativism in a way that dramatically limits its appeal. While I don't think the GOP will be killed off by Trump, I think it will take a generation (at least) to rebuild the party.

Flogger said...

Attorney General Bob Barr needs to release the Mueller Report. The Warren Report was released and some quickly began poking holes in it. Anyway, Mueller's Report is not about the assassination in literal sense of a President.

The hosts on CNN and MSDNC looked totally puked out by Barr's summation. The hosts rebooted quickly and began examining every word Barr wrote in his summation, like an examination of the Zapruder film.

I never expected any E-Mail from Vladimir Putin to Trump or one his family circle, detailing how Vlad would help Trump out in 2016. The Trump family was probably and rightly so viewed as amateurs by the Russians.

Trump is hardly out of the woods.

True Republican said...

We were really hoping that after 2016 to have a more sane President. Unfortunately that was not to be. I have noticed among many of my Trump supporting friends, that many of them no longer defend Trump with as nearly the same level of intensity as they did before the midterms. You should check out a blog post about the midterms that details the disaster we republicans had last year. The post is brilliant! Will put a link to it at the end of this comment. What really gets our goat is the “Pro Sovietization” of my Grand Old Party. Glad useful Putin idiots like Roy Moore and Dana Rohrabacher Lost their bids for office. In 1948 Harry Truman during his election campaign called his socialist opponent former Vice President Henry Wallace the “Pied Piper of the Politburo”. If Truman and Reagan were still alive they would say that Donald Trump and his useless toady Mike Pence would also deserve the same moniker that Truman gave Wallace!

Greatest Midterm Analysis PERIOD!

Putin’s Useful GOP Idiots:

Bob Cardwell said...

I am happy that at least one Republican uses their mind in regards to Trump. Keep up the good work.

True Republican said...


If you or any of your readers would be interested check this out for information on reclaiming the gop from Trump:

Anonymous said...

Any libertarian (which is to say principled) aspect of the Tea Party movement is long gone. It’s not fully dominated by populist Trumpian cranks who loathe free markets and limited government.