Thursday, March 1, 2018

Democrats Flip Two More Republican State Legislative Seats, This Time in New Hampshire, Connecticut

The Hill reports on Tuesday's elections:
Democratic candidates on Tuesday won two special elections for state legislative seats in the Northeast, another indication for the party that a blue wave is forming ahead of November's midterm elections.

In New Hampshire, Laconia voters elected substance abuse counselor Philip Spagnuolo
(D) over Republican Les Cartier, a former state employee, in a district President Trump carried by a 13-point margin in 2016.
In Connecticut, Democrat Philip Young defeated Republican Bill Cabral to win a Stratford-based district that has been in Republican hands for decades, even though Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton carried a narrow plurality there in 2016.
The wins Tuesday night extend the Democratic advantage in special elections held since Trump was inaugurated last year. In 2018 alone, Democrats have won Republican-held state legislative seats in Wisconsin, Florida, Kentucky and Missouri.

The New Hampshire seat is the fifth Democrats have taken from Republicans since Trump's inauguration. 
Tuesday's elections now makes 39 state legislative seats that have flipped from Republican to Democrat since Trump's election.  While the Republicans did hold a Lexington, Kentucky area state house seat on Tuesday by some 34 points, it is a district that Trump won iby 62 points, thus the election represented a 28 point swing in the Democrats' direction.  That is consistent with the average 27 point swing to the Democrats in state legislative races since Trump's election.

It should be noted that in most congressional, state legislative and state-wide races, Donald Trump ran behind other Republicans on the 2016 ticket.  Indiana was one of the few exceptions as Trump proved to be more popular than most GOP candidates in the Hoosier state.


leon dixon said...

We can all think of near that number of seats in Indiana that should be "flipped" for R incompetences...problem is the D's won't put up decent men and women....that is....their litmus tests confine them to minority status.....they might as well be libertarians. Recall in the matter of Trump no Indiana R "elites" were for Trump. Only names I can recall were Rex Early and Jeff Cardwell....and Rex probably does not wish to be considered as any sort of elitist. Thus, it should be clear that the "elites" are not in step with their base. Their base is pretty much up for grabs given a decent candidate....which the D's are unable and unwilling to do. They rather seem to enjoy being a minority party that vacations in Illinois.

True Republican said...

Wonder how much damage the Indiana GOP will take? Wouldn't surprise us if the Dems actually gain some ground in the State House. As for the State Senate they haven't gained a state senate seat in about a decade.

Veterans for Peace Indianapolis said...

Will it make any difference how our fair state is govererned? Seems like Rs in power here wouldn’t act much differently than local Ds.