Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Carmel Mayor Crashes City Vehicle...Again

The Indianapolis Star reports:
[Carmel} Mayor Jim Brainard crashed his city-provided 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid into another motorist last month, IndyStar has learned. 
No one was injured or cited in the crash, although the driver of the vehicle Brainard hit faces a charge for driving without a license. 
Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard
Brainard was driving northbound on 3rd Avenue SW around 2 p.m. April 20 when he crossed the center line along the curve north of Carmel Drive, according to the Carmel Police Department report. Jose Guzman Uribe, 36, Indianapolis, was driving southbound in a 2006 Chevy Silverado hauling a trailer for his lawn-mowing business. Brainard crashed into the trailer. 
The mayor told police he was feeling fatigued before he crossed the center line, according to the report. 
[Carmel Spokeswoman Nancy Heck] said city employees are required to submit to a drug and alcohol screen in crashes while driving city vehicles, if there is injury or a vehicle was towed. Brainard's car was towed, but Heck said elected officials are exempt from the rule. She said the responding officer can choose to administer a test if he or she feels it's warranted. Lt. Joe Bickel, Carmel Police Department's public information officer, said it is up to the officer at the scene to decide whether to conduct a sobriety test or cite a motorist involved in a crash. In this case, the officer didn't think either was warranted.

It's not Brainard's first crash in a city-provided vehicle. In November 2002, he T-boned a school bus in a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, while attempting to turn left on 99th Street to Westfield Boulevard. No one was injured, but both vehicles were damaged.
I have questions. First, why did it take more than a month for this accident to be publicly reported? Usually, newspapers monitor public records but maybe it was just missed.  Second, while I take the police at their word that there was no cause for a sobriety test, the fact is Brainard admitted crossing the center line which is plenty of cause to be ticketed for that offense.

By the way, the article also detail the shockingly high cost of the leased vehicle Brainard wrecked, an angle that is worthy of its own story.


True Republican said...

Good story Paul! You might remember several years ago Brainard hired Private Investigators to do surveillance on opponents of his in Carmel. Word on the street is that Jim may not be doing good physically. Hopefully Gary Welsh will haunt his sorry ass!

Pete Boggs said...

It's beyond metaphor when you consider what he's done to their budget...

Anonymous said...

Carmel resident here. Not at all a Brainard fan or supporter, btw.

If any of us everyday citizens had been driving that Ford Fusion, you can damn well guarantee we'd have been given a sobriety test especially when clearly admitting to crossing the center line due to.... "fatigue".

This is the same mayor who staffs his police in camouflaged police cruisers with low profile police lighting to profit off Keystone Parkway from 96th north to 146th. Numerous drivers on this thoroughfare are trapped and given high fines. Apparently not The Emperor, I guess.

And you hit it squarely Mr. Ogden when you ask why the story took over a month to be publicly reported. Mr. Brainard is an emperor mayor and for some reason no one seems to be able to run a winning campaign against him. While everyone is equal in Carmel, I can confidently say some are more equal than others. There is a different justice in this country and here in Carmel depending on who you are, with whom you are politically connected, which judges you know, and whose bread you might butter in return.

Anonymous said...

Other than ex-soldier, flash-in-the-pan, prickly, and unsavory has-been Greg Ballard, and other than just about every attorney associated with Hoosier Republican political organizations, could there be a more despicable, dishonest, power-mad and money-hungry person than multi-millionaire attorney Jim Brainard?

The sad truth is my many Carmel neighbors just love what Brainard has done and love what he is doig without any real clue as to how Brainard erected the City's seriously perilous financial house of cards to accomplish a psychotic "new urbanism". And therein lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

When Palm Springs CA, a city far smaller than both Indianapolis or Carmel, possesses an effective and honest Prosecutor AND a City Council actually worth something to taxpayers actively working together to root out corrupt mayors, you know the fix is in when it comes to either Jim Brainard or ex-mayor Greg Ballard.

Historically in just about any American city or town, a corrupt mayor will have attached to his or her rib cage a development/construction company. Greg Ballard and many of his always lame and utterly useless (to protect the taxpayers) City County Councilors larded land, parking garages, and special perks to Keystone Constuction Corp. and we might say the very same thing of Brainard, whose sidekick development arm is PEDCOR.

The corruption discovered regarding the former Palm Springs mayor is similar enough to Marion County and the Hamilton County bedroom community just north of it that we might only pray it opens eyes at the FBI who raided the former Palm Springs mayor's office just prior to charges of corruption being handed down.

DA: Ex-Palm Springs mayor took $375K in bribes from developers

Pete Boggs said...

Carmel's "new urbanism" is exactly the College corridor scheme known as the Red Line; described by its statist proponents as "transit oriented design." Talk about f'd up- design is supposed to be focused on its service to the individual; not a BS social engineering scheme.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I remember reading about the original traffic accident where the person with the trailer was cited for not having a license, etc, but no mention of Brainard in that article. I can no longer find a link to the article online. Hmmm..... poof! it's gone.
I agree with the rest of the comments. Apparently Brainard is above the law. I am also so incredibly tired of roundabouts. I had to drive from east Carmel to deep into Fishers on 116th the other day during rush hour no less and it was the most peaceful drive I've had in forever. The lights weren't long, the drivers weren't irate, and not a SINGLE ROUNDABOUT. I didn't witness any accidents or almost accidents like I do in Carmel daily. It was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Greg Ballard, Jerry Rosner and his wife, who are both newspaper carriers in Indianapolis, can thank Ballard that they had to pay $130 of their own money to the AutoReturn racket to get their stolen car returned. Talk about adding insult to injury. All the more reason to stay out of Marion County. Everyone I know who lives in Marion County has either had their car or house broken into, vandalized, or items stolen.

Drive into Hamilton County, and you'll get robbed by Brainard's minions through traffic tickets and possibly civil forfeiture. If you're Jim Irsay, you can carry $29,029 in cash on your person when you get arrested by the Carmel Police (happened on March 16, 2014) and no forfeiture proceeding would be initiated. If that were anyone else with no connections, the money absolutely would have been seized for forfeiture.

Indiana: Where the law depends on who you are and who you know.