Wednesday, October 12, 2016

American Senior Community Execs Arrested in Alleged Medicare Fraud Scheme

The late, great Gary Welsh wrote tirelessly about what he (and I) believed to be a fraudulent scheme by American Senior Communities, working with the Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation, to obtain excessive Medicaid repayments from the government.  That scheme helped fund the building of the new Wishard (now named Eskanazi) hospital without a tax increase.  The feds though appear to deny that today's arrests are related to that scheme, instead focusing on Medicare not Medicaid fraud. The Indianapolis Star reports:

Four former American Senior Communities executives were taken into custody early
James G. Burkhart
Wednesday following a year-long federal investigation.
The four, including former CEO James G. Burkhart, face several federal charges including Medicare fraud, Fox59 reports.
In September 2015, federal agents raided Burkhart's Carmel home and the the Southside headquarters of American Senior Communities at 6900 Gray Road.
While the government has yet to comment on why FBI agents searched Burkhart's home, an internal ASC review concluded that the federal investigation "does not touch upon the operation of any nursing home serviced by ASC," according to statement issued at the time of the September raid.
American Senior Communities manages nearly 100 senior care facilities and is one of the largest nursing home management companies in Indiana. Among those are 60 sites, including skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities throughout the state, that the company manages under a contract with Marion County’s public health agency.


LamLawIndy said...

Yup, you called it back in 2009:

Eric Morris said...

This and the recent news about Blue Indy prove you were right when you were trying to counsel Gary that his (and your) tireless work did effectuate change, just not immediate as you told him. Thank you for your blog, even if I don't think Trump is a Russian tool!

Anonymous said...

God In Heaven, I sorely and profoundly miss Gary Welsh. No one could connect the dots and recall details as did Welsh.

The local blog community is quite dark for his absence. Quite dark. And hardly worth tuning in anymore.