Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Polls Show Trump Badly Trailing Republican Down Ballot Candidates

State polls are rolling in now and they demonstrate the stark reality that Donald Trump has little ability to attract Democratic-leaning voters while holding on to his GOP base.  In state after state, Trump badly lags behind Republican statewide candidates.  Let's look at some recent polls in battleground states:

Ohio (Monmouth) 
Clinton leads by 4
Portman (R) leads by 8
Swing:  12 points

Iowa (Quinnipiac)
Clinton and Trump are tied
Grassly (R) leads by 7
Swing:  7 points

New Hampshire (CBS)
Clinton leads by 9
Hassan (D) leads by 1
Swing:  8 points

North Carolina (NBC)
Clinton leads by 5
Ross (D) leads by 2
Swing:  3 points

Pennsylvania (Quinnipiac)
Clinton +9
McGinity +3
Swing:  6 points

And in what must be the biggest finger in the eye of Trump and his cult-like following:

Florida (NBC)
Clinton +5
Rubio (R) +6
Swing:  11 points

Although Indiana is not (yet) considered a battleground state, it stands out as an exception:

Indiana (Monmouth)
Trump +11
Holcomb (R) +1
Swing -10 points

I know my Democratic friends have trouble accepting it, but the fact Trump runs ahead of state-wide Republicans in Indiana might have to do with Govrnor MIke Pence on the ticket.  Thus far, the Pence selection seems to be the only thing Trump has not screwed up in the general election phase of his campaign.

At the end of the day, however, the unpopularity of Trump at the top of the ticket will doom many down ballot Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Paul, this is unwelcome, although not unexpected, news regarding Donald Trump's performance to date. Trump's elevation to the top of the "R" ticket is yet another missed opportunity for we lovers of the law, lovers of liberty, and lovers of the US Constitution.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is so corrupt, so deceitful, so vile, so hate-filled, and so money-grubbing that this race should be nowhere as close as being reported. Like the America hating Socialist Barak Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton is low hanging fruit the establishment will allong to remain on the withered vine. Just as that idiot John McCain gave us Obama's first term, Donald Trump and Reice Priebus may give us miscreant HRC's first term.

Voters who are stupid enough to vote Democrat will pick the real Democrat and they will do it every time.

I will register and vote for Donald Trump- and that is the ONLY Indiana race in which I will cast a vote- because I will never be able to forgive myself if the day after the November election I hear that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the new US Emperor.

If Eric "The Bagman" Holcomb is elected, it will be a miracle attributable only for the naming for Pence (for whom I lost political love and respect years ago) to the VP nomination. As one who has had to sit through untold MCRCC meetings, county meetings, and those silly township meetings, listen to this Holcomb blowhard "rent a civic leader" bloviate, I hope Erick Holcomb loses to Gregg and I pray Holcomb loses BIG.

The country has been long lost and, sorry to say, just electing Donald Trump will not change the entrenched national, state, and local political skulduggery that we Constitution Conservatives hold in complete disgust.

Anonymous said...

There's not enough old, racist, white men to win the election.

Guest said...

Yep, Trump is not a fancy worded politician- he's not pretty, or a pure as the driven snow conservative but he is not a Marxist/communist lying Clinton. Remember that when you mark the ballot for or against a liberal Supreme Court. By the way a no vote or a libertarian vote is a vote for her.

leon dixon said...

http://www.indystar.com/story/opinion/columnists/varvel/2016/08/26/cartoonist-gary-varvel-tip-hillary-iceberg/89395882/ Ha Ha, will all your Democrat friends use their small bit of remaining common sense to connect dots or will they continue to be dumber than rocks, stones, and trees? As for the repulsive R's the main question is which candidate will they throw under the bus because the Indiana R's can't fund both races, e.g. Gov and Senate....neither candidate appeals to the activists who put the R's in the majority.

leon dixon said...

I'd post anon too if I were a supporter of the Black Lies Matter movement and liked Soros dollars.

Paul K. Ogden said...

And Guest, you believe Donald Trump, a lifelong liberal Democrat, is going to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court because of why? Oh, because he says so! Well, Donald Trump never lies...at least not when his mouth is closed.

leon dixon said...

Well, now, Paul, what kind of cronies would Hill put there? Let's see. How's about Obama? Maybe Huma? Maybe a turd with Indiana roots? Point being that WHATEVER Trump would put on the Court would be BETTER than any POS Hill would. Let's see, would Mike Pence have any input to SC choices? If not, why select Mike for VP....just to lie to the voters he is expected to bring? Mike seems to be back to his old self....being freed from the Asshats of Indiana R establishment. He has a good message for America. I don't think he'd go along with dipstick liberal appointments from the dregs of the world's second oldest profession.
So, you might consider just who Hlll might appoint and regale us with more polling on that subject.
America has got used to high quality judges who ought not be bound by Masonic lies. As the barristers say, "I put it to you...which major candidate would appoint the better judges to the SC?" Try not to weasel out about the question. A one word answer will suffice. In your considered view would that one word be Trump or Clinton?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Leon, and you think Donald Trump, a life long liberal who is very pro choice and supports partial birth abortion, would appoint conservative justices why? Because he said so! Gee, Donald Trump never lies...except when he opens his mouth.

leon dixon said...

You pays your money and you takes your chances. You are beginning to sound like Marco Rubio stumbling over his repeating of sound bites. Did you check Drudge today? And, what was your one word answer?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Didn't see this Leon until today. Drudge shows some ridiculous story about HRC's cough getting worse as the lead story. I doubt that's what you mean though.