Friday, August 19, 2016

Evan Bayh Continues to Vote Illegally from Indianapolis Condo Where He Does Not Live

For years, Evan Bayh has used an Indianapolis condo assessed at just over $50,000 as his declared "residence" for voting even after leaving the Senate...all the while living in the Washington, DC suburbs.  CNN now reports that Bayh has twice been declared to be an "inactive" voter due to postcards addressed to the Indianapolis condo being returned as undeliverable because, well, he doesn't actually live there.
Election officials in Indiana have concluded that former Sen. Evan Bayh is an "inactive" voter in their state after they failed to confirm he lives in Indianapolis, creating a new problem for the Democrat as he mounts a late effort to win back his old Senate seat.According to records obtained by CNN, Bayh has been listed as an inactive voter twice
since leaving office -- once in July 2014 and the second time last week. 
Bayh has voted by absentee ballots in Indiana elections since leaving office, requesting those ballots be sent to his home and office addresses in Washington, the records show. (He voted in person in May, his office said.)
Perhaps more significantly, the inactive designation is only bound to intensify GOP accusations that the former senator had swiftly abandoned his state for Washington in his nearly six years since leaving office, only to come back to Indiana last month in a last-ditch effort to return to power.
The new revelations come just days aftear a CNN report showed Bayh consistently listing his two multi-million-dollar homes in Washington as his main places of residence, not his $53,000 condo in Indianapolis, contradicting his public claims that he "never left" the state after giving up his seat in 2011.
It is similar to the problems that dogged former Sen. Richard Lugar, the veteran Indiana Republican who lost his 2012 primary after he was sharply criticized for not owning a home in Indiana and for living in the Washington suburbs instead.
The fact is both Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, and their family members, have on numerous occasions voted in Indiana using addresses that were clearly not their residences.  Every time they did so, they could have been prosecuted for a felony.  Yet they have been given a pass on prosecution while former Secretary of State Charlie White now has to live with multiple felonies for being accused of violating the law on a single occasion because he voted at his ex-wife house instead of the condo he had purchased, but arguably had not yet moved into.  Democrats and Republicans who engaged in the Charlie White lynching should be ashamed of themselves.   White deserves an apology.


Anonymous said...

So why does Evan get a pass?

True Republican said...

Excellent work Paul! Evan Bayh shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Senate! Also Mike Pence should pardon Charlie White and help bind up this state's wounds! Gary Welsh is smiling down on you now!

Guest said...

I guess he thinks it will be a "cushy" job since he lives in D.C. plus he can update his list of lobbyist connections - it's expensive to live in D.C. Sarcastic, for sure but his ties to us are long gone. Don't fall for it.

Unigov said...

How's come he doesn't even use his real name in the property record? Fake name to go with his fake hair!

Btw the Bayhs bought that condo in 2002 according to the Marion County Recorder.

Anonymous said...

"So why does Evan get a pass?"

Same reason why Dick Lugar got a pass - because they are/were the minions of the Downtown Indy power structure. Charlie White didn't do the puppet masters bidding and got rooked.

Anonymous said...

A citizen has the right to vote no matter where he may be.

The Charlie White ruling was a mistake and ought to be reversed.

Anonymous said...
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