Sunday, April 24, 2016

Evangelicals Hold Key to Cruz Winning Indiana

The Fox News and WRTV/Howey polls released on Friday show Donald Trump's lead over Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Indiana at or within the margin of error.    A closer look reveals where Cruz is falling short in the Hoosier state and hints at a roadmap as to how he can make up that ground.

According to the Fox Poll, Hoosier white evangelicals split their support 41-39 in favor of Cruz.  In Wisconsin, where Cruz won a double figure victory, Fox News exit polls showed Cruz winning this demographic group 55-33.   If Cruz can get a similar level of support among evangelicals, he will win
Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
the state and most of the congressional districts in Indiana.

The Fox poll confirms what I've witnessed on Facebook and other social media.  I have a number of evangelical and pro-life friends.  Many post their views on abortion, religious freedom, same sex marriage, etc., only to be followed with indications of support for Trump.  The other day, one listed as one of his reasons for being for Trump was that he would fight to defund Planned Parenthood and appoint pro-life judges.   Seriously?  Trump has praised Planned Parenthood and said he wants the funding to continue.  He has talked about negotiating with the Democrats on judicial appointments.  Pre-candidate Trump talked about being "very pro choice" and that he supports partial birth abortion.  (Will some reporter please ask Trump what caused his view on abortion to change so dramatically?)  Recently, he has suggested that the Republican Party should change (weaken?) its platform on abortion.

On a personal front, Trump has been married three times and is a serial philanderer, which he is very proud of, by the way. (He has said sleeping with beautiful women is one of the perks of being wealthy.)  He owns casinos, several of which have strip clubs inside.  The man is ethically challenged on so many fronts, as witnessed by Trump University and the often overlooked empty jewelry box scam he was involved in during the 1980s.

There is no doubt about Cruz's roadmap for success in Indiana.  He has to aggressively go after evangelical voters by highlighting Trump's utter lack of interest, if not disdain, when it comes to causes near and dear to the heart of evangelicals.  Right now they are either 1) uninformed about Trump's views; or 2) they simply do not care.   For those of us who hope Republicans nominate a real conservative, let's hope it is the latter.

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Eric Morris said...

Or do you mean Warvangelicals? Carpet bombing the MidEast (Cruz) or starting even more wars (Kasich) ain't following the Prince of Peace either. I agree with your criticisms, but until the people force the government off permanent war footing the other social ills have no chance of being addressed either.