Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hypocrite Connecticut Governor Malloy Inserts Foot into Mouth Again

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy couldn't help put his foot in his mouth again while criticizing Governor Mike Pence for his opposition to taking in Syrian refugees.  The Indianapolis Star reports:
Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy
... this is the same guy who signed a homophobic bill in the spring surrounded by homophobes," Malloy said, referring to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act that critics said would allow discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. "So I’m not surprised by anything the governor does."
Malloy leaves out the fact that his own state has a RFRA.  But that law is different from Indiana's in that it provides MORE protection for religious freedom.  In Connecticut the person filing the RFRA claim only need show a burden, no matter how slight, on his or her religious freedom.  In Indiana, the litigant must show that it is a substantial burden.  As any lawyer will tell you, that is an enormous difference. The Connecticut law actually goes beyond even the old Sherbert test that RFRAs are restoring.

Of course people have pointed to other differences to insist Indiana's RFRA is stronger than Connecticut's.  The problem though is the above difference is prefatory language, a standard that must be met to litigate a claim.  It is the critical portion of the statute.  And Connecticut's RFRA on that point is much stronger in terms of protecting religious freedom than Indiana's.

Unfortunately facts don't seem to matter too much to Governor Malloy.


leon dixon said...

Forgive me if someone else has already pointed out that Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is a disaster for his State. No one should pay any attention to the presiding officer of a State whose business climate ranks 7th FROM THE BOTTOM. Hoosiers know that the Indiana business climate is reflected in the great increase of jobs in Indiana, the firms that stay here (GE, for instance is threatening to move their business out of Connecticut....). I imagine Mr. Pence has been in contact with GE and don't we have a new GE facility here in Indiana? Of course, Gov Malloy is unhappy but he persists in being an elected fool. No one should credit him with the common sense God gave Geese.

Anonymous said...

Malloy has a very terrible economy in his state, has since he came into office ( barely winning a plurality in 2010 in a low turnout midterm election)
His poor record of governance is part of the reason he barely won re-election last year despite CT's overwhelming preference for Democrats.
In order to distract CT residents from his poor record he has to resort to name calling and waging a national culture war. But the man is a failure as a Governor and basically operates as a Daily Kos comments section while in office.

Anonymous said...

Presumably Malloy is in the top ranking positions within the DGA ( though current MT Gov. Bullock who's up for re-election in 2016 is the DGA Chair)

I'm betting Malloy's comments are in part the DGA signaling that Pence is their number 1 target in 2016. Kind of silly considering there are open races in MO,NH, and VT and McCrory is more unpopular then Pence in a swingier state then IN.

Pete Boggs said...

He's another suicidal faux-gressive; using his mouth as a footlocker while shooting himself in the foot...

LamLawIndy said...

Yep. CT state pension underfunding in 2010, when Malloy took office was 44%. Today it's still 43%. #NoProgress