Monday, November 9, 2015

Gender Neutral Restrooms Part of LGBT Agenda According to Activist

WIBC reports:
As the LGBT movement continues to gain political attention, so does the issue of "All Gender" public restrooms.  
Cities like Austin, Berkeley, Philadelphia, Santa Fe and Seattle have already approved legislation that calls for more single-user, all-gender public restrooms.  Could the issue gain traction in Indianapolis?  
Indianapolis City County Councilman Zach Adamson says gender-neutral bathrooms aren't really new. However, Adamson adds that gender-neutral bathrooms are part of "the total package" of equality and human rights when it comes to all public accommodations. Adamson says he cannot point to any examples where such facilities would pose threats to anyone. 
Government requiring the installation of such restrooms would seem to be an enormous expense for many small and medium sized businesses.  But besides that, even raising the possibility of mandating gender neutral restrooms seems distracting and counterproductive to the LGBT community's push to expand Indiana's civil rights law to include sexual orientation.


Anonymous said...







Santa Fe


and Seattle


"have already approved legislation"

Who cares? These liberal hellholes are hardly examples anyone should follow. We need to quit indulging delusion. Each person has one gender, and it never changes. if you don't know what gender you are, you shouldn't be at a restaurant.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Gender-neutral bathrooms aren't anything new.

I've got 'em in my house, and have had 'em for decades.

Bet you do, too.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of foolishness. As for Mr. Adamson... his illogic, his allegiance to extremist liberalism, and his willingness to accept any liberal orthodoxy humming down the pike- no matter how damn ludicrous- is proof positive we do not need a City County Council. Indianapolis Councilors, when you get right down to it, serve no useful function. I certainly do not call their ability to cash their paychecks "useful".

leon dixon said...

Whenever I see or hear the phrase, "I can't see....." I am pretty sure the person really can't see much. Shall we add to the list of liberal hell holes?

Lotta crap gets passed at night when no one is looking.